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Ultimatum can affect Galaxy Guardians 3


Avengers: Ultimatum may have marked the end of many circles and stories within the franchise, especially some heroes, such as Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow and the Hawk. However, Thor and the Galaxy Guardians still seem to have a future within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (NUS) because of the end of the film.

With that in mind, understand below as the final Avengers: Ultimatum can affect Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 t

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Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy End in Avengers: Ultimatum

After the Hulk broke his fingers to bring the dead back to Thanos back, we saw almost every hero appeared on the battlefield (including members of the Galaxy Guardians dead) to face & # 39; The Mad Titan and its forces. Eventually, the great villain was defeated after Tony Stark sacrificed himself to ensure everyone's victory.

With everything in peace, Thor decided to name Valkyrie as the new queen of Asgard and decided to go to a place in the company of the Galaxy Guardians, who saved Thunder Thunder in an Endless War, to search for a mysterious journey through the universe. And for a change, he again had a misunderstanding with Peter Quill / Lord of the Stars, who gave the fans a chance to entertain a little.

And as Avengers: May Ultimatum affect the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3

First, there is a very important point that was clear before Thor entered Benatar, the Guardian ship: the Gamora who came from the past and did not know that his colleagues were missing, as reported by monitor t Quill watched.

In this way, we can already assume that the Galaxy Law Guardians plot 3, whether in primary or secondary form, should be the search that the cosmic team must do for Gamora. . Perhaps one would assume that she was killed by Tony Stark's snap, but it seems unlikely, as she decided to face Thanos forces after being persuaded by the present Nebula, becoming a heroine, similarly. and her husband was killed by a foster father

In addition, we can already consider Galaxy Vol.3 Guardians a long-awaited film for the NUS course just because of the presence of Thor, who, apparently, ventures into the universe alongside Peter Quill, t Drax, Mantis, Nebula, Groot and Rocket.

For example, we know that Thor has become a playful and entertaining character (who has even upset some fans because it is a change in the hero's personality), which could turn Vol.3 into an adventure that should give fans a laugh. good, even more if we consider the presence of Drax, Groot and Rocket. And you can bet that the Thunder God will still have a lot of misunderstanding before Peter Quill.

Thor made a joke also called the team "Asgardians of the Galaxy." But in the background, it's worth remembering that this team exists in the comics. Is this a sign that Thunder Godmen can participate in the third Galaxy Guardian adventure?

We can also note that one of several Galaxy 2 Guardian post-credit scenes has shown that the Sovereigns were developing an ability to defeat the team, which the leader Ayesha was calling his "Adam" only. And since then, many guess that the character Adam Warlock, who is very famous inside the Marvel comics, can become a stone in Peter Quill's shoes and the company from now on .

And we can't forget details: during one of the time, Loki managed to escape the Tesseract, which means he had to live somehow. Did Thor go to the space with the Galaxy Guardians to find out if the foster brother was against himself?

It has already become clear that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 have a number of story possibilities that can be approached about the progress of the franchise. And no matter what has been touched, we're sure to be in good hands, as Disney re-signed James Gunn, who fired for a controversial tweet that he did in the past, to direct Vol.3.

We know that James Gunn turned a relatively unknown team into the comics in huge success in theaters because of some special features. And with this huge range of open possibilities, along with the likely presence of Thor, the Galaxy Guardians still have everything to have a bright future within the NUS.

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