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"The work is the same"


He did Champion Series S with Fortaleza, Rogério Ceni chose to return the team to the national football elite in his second job as a coach. This Wednesday (November 14), the former goalkeeper spoke only to FOX Sports for the success of the Ceará team and the experience gained in this period.

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Zinho commented for his first opportunity as a coach, who took place in São Paulo last year, that Mito did not stay on the wall. For him, work in Fortaleza has to do it in the same way as in Morumbi, with only one difference: the final result.

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"Experience you've got over time, you'll find it, football is the same, every training you do. We completed 210 training sessions, it's a record here. Learning, improving, having experience with every year that passes The way I work the same as São Paulo, but here we're getting, so people think that you have prepared it better, "explained Rogério, who also talked about the possibility of a day to train Corinthians:

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"I feel ready to work with football, so you do not choose the series, the team, you have to work where people want you to go . " Corinthians and Palmeiras, I believe, would not hire me. and I was treated very well. Waipão waited for me, gave me a dummy, he talked to me. I have respected the most to Corinthians and Palmeiras. There is a very big story with São Paulo. Therefore, we must respect this time and this story, after completing

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