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The Seventh Guardian's novel: Egidio, Valentina reveals to Gabriel that he is his father


Egidio's death (Antonio Calloni) will serve Gabriel (Bruno Gagliasso) to find the guardian's son in the novel "The Seventh Guardian". The young man of the new plot of nine will discover the truth through his cousin, Geandro (Caio Blat), and confirm the story with his mother, Valentina (Lilia Cabral). "Yes, he really was his father," he's giving up the name in scenes that will fly on the 30th. Who is predicting the television columnist Daniel Castro on Tuesday (20). Gabriel's life has turned face down since he left the bride, Laura (Yanna Lavigne), loses much for the wedding. He arrived at Serro Azul, suffered a car crash and fell in love with Luz (Marina Ruy Barbosa).

Valentine left of Serro Azul pregnant with Egido, says Marilda

When it comes to face with a dad, the good man goes badly and falls, although he does not know what the relationship of the relationship is. Laura, who will hear the whole story that includes her ex-girlfriend to Valentina, who knows everything now. After the death of Egídio, motivated by the old woman, novel characters Aguinaldo Silva are beginning to prepare for the funeral. And when Marilda (Letícia Spiller) and Eurico (Dan Stulbach) talk, Geandro will listen to all the details. "She came out of here … On her pill?" The mayor of the village asks to talk about the pasture's past. "When Marlene (Valentina) left, she was pregnant with Egidio!", Shows the mother of Geandro and Júnior (José Loreto).

Valentina confirms to Gabriel that he is the son of Egidio

The wife's address is shocking Eurico. "In that case, Egidio was the father of Gabriel! But does he know that he is Egidio?" First Lady is in doubt, but she makes it clear that she does not think she can know the truth. "I do not think so. Of what we can understand, Marlene kept that secret," he said. In a shock, Geandro opens the game for his discovery to Gabriel, with Luz losing his stomach. But Luz's love does not believe what he is hearing. "Your Egidio, my dad? Of course not true, Geandro, he tried to be wrong," he said. But Marilda's son is excited. "Listen very well! Remember when you first meet it" Ask. "Yes, I react in a strange way, I gave too much lack, I even overwhelmed, I do not understand it until today," recalls the good boy. Already in front of the forehead, Valentina confirms what Geandro heard. "I've cried a lot because of this man … For years!" And there were really tears, but the ones I mentioned today are fake … Already you … Yes, it was true, he was your father … And now you're going to cry for it & # 39 ; n, "he said.

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