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The Seventh Guardian: Gabriel reveals the Light that already knows the reason of his trip to Serro Azul. Check week summaries



Luz and Gabriel hear the voice of Sosthenes and move away. Ypiranga starts work in the house, and Marilda is worried. Sampaio Questions Fill for a possible treasure and she has comments with other guardians. Ondina orders Stefania to seduce Sampaio. Leonardo shoots Sampaio without notice. Marilda fights in the secret spring and flies when Egidio saw approaching, leaving a path on the ground. Ypiranga discovers Marilda's clothes. Sampaio goes to Feliciano on the street. Geandro is raising a Junior car to help Luz and Gabriel. Everyone in the town observes Marilda's disappearance. Lourdes Maria is hearing Geandro talking to Luz about Gabriel and decides to hide in the jail. The sheriff tells Eurico that Marilda could be kidnapped. Geandro finds out that Gabriel is his cousin, and Lourdes Maria is hearing all the conversation. The news disrupts Gabriel and decides to return to São Paulo.


From a hide in the mansion, Marilda watches the workers. Leonardo shoots Leon walking on the roof. Luz is trying to convince Gabriel to stay in Serro Azul. Sosthenes suggests that Geander tells Valentina's story to Gabriel. Leonardo releases Lourdes Maria. Ondina invites Sampaio to go to gabaret. Geandro deals with Lourdes Maria. Marilda leaves her place to hide, and Fabim wakes up and sees her. Leonardo records the first wife coming out naked from the house. Ondina sends Stefaniaradradar Sampaio to the ball. Leon is sleeping in Luz, who dreams about Gabriel. Marilda comes home and everyone is shocked by her condition. Patrijo sees Bebeto dancing in the street and is interesting. Aphrodite discovers a secret from Diana and hidden from Nicholas. Eurico tells the representative about Marilda's return. Sampaio does not let Stefania take his clothes, but Ondina decides to act. Luz said Gabriel's fun. Lourdes Maria looks for Geandro. Valentina is surprised when Olavo says she will be introducing Laura with her company.


Valentina mocks the statement Olavo. Gabriel complains about the delays in the conversation between Lourdes Maria and Geandro. Luz offers Lourdes Maria the opportunity to keep Gabriel's secret. Luz decides to join Elisa. The representative concludes the investigation to expire Marilda. Leonardo reviews the video that he made from Marilda. Leon follows the car where Gabriel is. Marilda talks to Fabim, who is not recognized. Robio is hearing Judith's talk with Egidio for the source watchman. Scarlet helps Marilda to restore the bottle with water from the well. Gabriel gets bad at the Serro Azul entrance and they can not leave the city. Luz has a vision, but does not comment with Elisa. Gabriel sees in León the mark on his back. Louise warns Valentina about Gabriel. Olavo and Laura listen to the talk and the call to know where Gabriel is. Aphrodite lies to Nicholas because of Diana. Valentina orders Louise to look for Marilda. Luz accepts Gabriel back.


Sosthenes tells Geander that Gabriel will continue in his house. Luz reveals to Gabriel the dream she had before she left. Atalla talks about Aphrodite about Diana. Milu shows Ondina's design of the last guardian's mark. Feliciano is disturbing when Nicholas talks about the treasure. Aphrodite is proud to see Diana, and Atalla insists she leaves a girl to practice her karate. Beans give the best to misuse Leon. Geandro talks to Lourdes Maria in the church. Louise sees the car where Gabriel was in Marilda's house and spoke to Valentina, who decided to anticipate her trip to Serro Azul. The guardians talk about the Ondina mission with Sampaio. Gabriel defends Luz de Júnior, enforced by Sosthenes to leave. Geandro is worried about his brother's shame when trying to talk to him about Lourdes Maria. Ondina is encouraged when Sampaio arrives at the cabaret. Valentina invites Laura to take her to Serro Azul, and Olavo is astonished.


Laura decides to go to Serro Azul with Olavo. Padre Ramiro has an accident on the road. Youth is drunk on the cabaret and it's suggested with Adamastor. Ondina talks to Sampaio. Maltoni goes to a house that is busy to hide his secret. Aranha looks after Padre Ramiro. Mirtes is interesting by some of the underwear that he can see in the sheriff's office. Lions attack Adamastor and ask for the presence of Light. Eurico and Marilda do not believe in the story of Katiucha. Gabriel tries to take Light to the cabaret, but Leon stops it. Sampaio assaults Luciana. Ondina faces Eurico and Marilda. Robio finds Sampaio watching Egidio's house and makes an appointment with him. Gabriel questions Light on Egidio. Geandro talks to Júnior about Lourdes Maria. Sampaio is a Louise approach. Luz is surprised to see Gabriel leaving home alone. Sampaio tries to find Gabriel's body. Geander takes Gabriel to the house of Egidio, and the boy loses the senses.


Egidio worries about Gabriel, and Judith finds her stupid when her head invites the boy to go into a house. Tobias and Clotilde talk to Ypiranga about building the house. Sampaio discovers that the brand Ondina is searching in her body is the same as Gabriel. Mirtes is attacking Cassia's house with no one seeing. Sampaio meets Robério. Atalla seems to be Serro Azul and Aphrodite's concerns. Younger offers a trip to Lourdes Maria. The guardians collect to discuss what to do with Sampaio. Robério tells what he knows about Egidio for Sampaio. Gabriel restores her memory. Valentina orders Louise to pack her luggage for travel. Gabriel reveals to the Light that he already knows the reason why he is going to Serro Azul.

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