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The new INSS rule restricts loans to new beneficiaries – News

Y the new INSS (National Institute for Social Security) rules for payroll deduction for retired pensioners and pensioners t it began to be valid last Sunday (31). Under stricter rules, new beneficiaries will have to wait 90 days (three months) to borrow from the banks, at a reduced rate, from this Monday (1st).

Financial institutions are also prohibited from seeking new beneficiaries or undertaking any active marketing action to provide a payroll deduction for 180 days (six months) after receipt of the INSS benefit. This means that after the beneficiary has retired, there will be a period of 6 months until banks and financial institutions start to offer credit.

According to the INSS, the changes were made to tackle fraud and also to prevent commercial disturbance to banks and financial insurers.

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When A7, pensioner Maria Pecília Pires Ferraz, 74, said she had made the pay in the old rules as soon as her benefit came out.

"I have already made a salary payment from my pension because I have not yet received my retirement. As I do not have a bank account and the only one I have is the INSS, I did that in the He said: "I don't know what a bank is. "But now it will be a little complicated. The officer told me that it would take longer to get the first load," he adds.

From now on, all pensioners and pensioners will be locked in the first three months and after that time they must go to a bank branch to ask for unblocking.

In addition, the insurer who is interested in the discount credit leaves will need to make advance authorization to get the money. According to the INSS, such action was taken because, often, the payroll was given without the authorization of the insurer.

"When I did, it didn't take much time. It came out the week I asked for it and now I was waiting to get my whole pension," he said. "But I will have to put my socks soaked with this change, because you need whoever makes the payroll at the time," he said.

It is worth remembering that the retired or pensioner cannot commit more than 35% of their income.

For pre-authorization, the financial institution will provide an electronic channel for the retiring or pensioner to provide the necessary data for making the payroll.

In turn, you will need this process authentication and the system must be available from the financial institutions and commercial reorganization companies that hold Technical Cooperation Agreements with the INSS. , "said the INSS.


With the new INSS normative instructionsit is established that banks and financial institutions cannot go to the retirement or pensioner to offer credit within 180 days.

According to Ione Amorim, an economist at Idec (the Brazilian Consumer Protection Organization), the measure is still ineffective. "It's insufficient. After 180 days, are you being released?"


The INSS also makes warnings for retired people and pensioners not to fall in shots. It is mandatory that the contract is signed by the insurer. "The loan, without any means, cannot be given over the phone, without the insurer going to the bank or the financial," he warned the economist t .

Statement of Loan Payments

Other retirement and pensioner security is the Payroll Loan Extract website. In this way, it is possible to check if there are any irregularities in the interest. The statement shows the entire history of the credits deducted by payroll received at a discount in the social security benefit.

Beware of Debts

According to data released by the BC (Central Bank), INSS is retired and pensioners are becoming more and more in debt. The balance of personal loans deducted by the payroll R $ 129.3 billion arrived in February 2019. This is the largest in the historic Central Bank series and represents a 1.6% increase over the previous month.

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