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The gamekeepers of Corinthians and Santos are judged at semi-01/04/2019

Santin's Corinthians beat 2 to 1 yesterday afternoon at the Corinthians Arena and took the first step towards the final of the Paulista Championship. The game was marked by individual failures, which were definitely the final result.

After leaving Manoel, the Corinthians saw the advantage of failing to lose a goalkeeper. The shirt 1 went badly on the goal in Jean Mota's corner and drove the ball to Derlis González. Then the defender Luiz Felipe went from his place and offered the goal to Clayson. Who did not escape the criticisms, mainly from the action with the feet, was the goalkeeper Vanderlei.

The goalkeeper's cup

The hero of Corinthians distribution in the victory over the Ferroviária penalties, Cassio became a villain after the failure that gave the draw to Santos soon after his team opened the score. However, the shooter does not agree with the view that he has failed in the play.

"I think it's a lot more trouble than failure. It's part of the game, life that follows" t

Vanderlei, on the other hand, has already been followed by Santos fans since signing Everson. Even without guilt in Corinthians' notes, shirt 1 was not damaged by defeat. The main target was his work with the feet, which, in the opinion of the judges, disturbed the team in the construction of the plays.

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Competitors' reserves live in different situations

While in the defender in Santos, Luiz Felipe began the task of replacing Gustavo Henrique with a hip edema, and failed ugly to put the goal to the striker Clayson, in Corinthians there is a cause for those who need to fight to find a place in time. For example, Jadson and Boselli did not get the chance to join the field in the first game.

King of Classics

Fábio Carille has a reason to scare the archers. With the victory in the Arena yesterday, the coach has achieved the amazing 72% mark in classics – and this year he's not yet aware of the loss of Santos, Palmeiras. T or São Paulo. There are three victories and two draw in 2019.

What's next

Santos and Corinthians are facing each other again next Monday and deciding where to go for the final. Previously, both have commitments for the Brazilian Cup. The fish visit Atlético-GO on Thursday, and Corinthians receive Ceaá on Wednesday.

Corinthians have no specific theft for the next match. The doubt is due to the defender Manoel, who moved his left shoulder and will do treatment in the next few days. Danilo Avelar, with two yellow guards, hangs. Santos has three doubts: Gustavo Henrique and Eduardo Sasha, recovering from hip edema and Felipe Aguilar, while observing in Lebanon Hospital.

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