Thursday , August 11 2022

The Fortnite World Cup is announced with an award pool of 30 million dollars


Alerted by Epic Games since last year, the Fortnite World Cup Many were seen as the biggest game of the game i 2019. Without any date and the awards were awarded until then, many thought when the announcement would be. I was broadcast on Friday (22) through the company's social networks.

The tournament will open 10 weekly qualities, dated between April 13th and 16th June, with each week getting a total cash prize 1 million dollars. Any player can participate, the Top 100 in the world a 50 best doubling is called the World Cup.

Date of face-to-face tournament is July 26-28 this year, at New York City. He has also been warned that all the players called Epic Games will receive, at least, 50 thousand dollars. And the great "individual" champion will be taken 3 million.

With the pledge to give 100 million In competitive prizes by the end of this year, Fortnite also announced that the weekly tournaments until the end of the year will receive a total cash prize 1 million of dollars, any player over 13 can participate.

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