Tuesday , August 16 2022

THE BALL – European clubs against the new World Cup but in favor of 'Super Champions'; (UEFA)


Andrea Agnelli, president of the European Association of Clubs, confirmed Tuesday the boycott at the Club's World Cup. The new competition designed by FIFA is due to start in 2021 and will include pre-defined teams.

"FIFA's decision to change the format of the World Cup in 2021 is something that the European Club Association cannot support. We oppose this completely and we are asking for fewer international breaks," explained Juventus president.

Andrea Agnelli also confirmed that the association is planning new changes to 2024, where it can include a new Champions League.

"We launched a discussion to start a process of change in club competitions. We want to meet with UEFA and help create a Premiership Champions. As clubs are at the heart of football and have to change," he said.

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