Saturday , January 22 2022

the assault of Martin Silva, the guardian of Fortaleza and Deyverson (always he) in the nets


The Brazilian round always creates situations and images that bomb on social networks. With the Brasileirao in the final, some are smiling while others are sad. The most famous was the Fortaleza who won the title of Serie B and will compete for the elite in 2019. Who suffered most of goalkeeper Martín Silva, who failed to be in ugly in the final minutes was the goal of Grêmio over Vasco , which only holds three points above the domain.

Deyverson, the beautiful beauty of the leader Palmeiras, and Jael, the Cruel, could not lose either, and drove the crowd again to make fun forget an important goal.

The reactions of goalkeeper Martín Silva talk a lot about the error in the goal attempt to defeat Vasco

Feel the party in the field of Fortaleza players and train Rogério Ceni after Serie B for the first time and return to the elite after 13 terms.

What about Jael? He tried to decorate and fight with the ball!

But then he got rid of himself with an important goal for Grêmio! And the Internet user lifted "pulling back" …

Deyverson pointed out again with an unusual way to fall on the lawn …

Even when it's obviously flawed …

Imagine celebrating a victory in a classic goal and still score to devote your unborn child! Valencia, from Botafogo, was the combo

Let the next round come soon!

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