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Danilo Avelar was invited to the Bem, Amigos !, O SporTV program this Monday.

Danilo Avelar was invited to the Bem, Amigos !, O SporTV program this Monday.

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Certainly, the most famous on the name of Corinthians at the start of the season, Danilo Avelar has today become one of the most important players in the team of the Fábio Carille technician. And he explained, on Monday night, at a Well, friends!of the SporTVsome backstage to “rebirth” with Timon's shirt.

Derby of Redemption

On 2 February, Paulistão faced Corinthians and Palmeiras together in Allianz Parque. Danilo Avelar, who had been a great supporter of the crowd until then, was the author of the Corinthian victory in the club's most important home in the competitor's home.

"The classic, regardless of the situation in which the player is in, is always marked, it's different, even more with a prudent victory of 1 to 4" t 0. So we give you a push … The reception I got in locker room & the players … They remembered me, I welcomed me. the past, "I remembered the left back.

Tactically, what's up?

After nine years in European football, including clubs in Ukraine, Germany, Italy and France, Avelar said it had inherited features of the Old Continent. And this may have disrupted the player in his acceptance process by the fans.

"My features come from a tactical responsibility that Europe raises a lot. It doesn't usually be a side that is just attacking. First mark, respect the defensive line, then in good, on the right time, you reach the attack ", he argued.

"Often letting Clayson freer take one against one to get an advantage. With the ball on the other side I can get on the second stick of surprise, and at the right time I can; n getting fit. "


Danilo Avelar was elected by the My timon the worst player in the cast in January this season. Last year, throughout the second half almost all, he was also criticized for his approval by Osmar Loss either by Jair Ventura.

"I never believed in these criticisms, because I knew my potential and I knew about what I was talking about. So, although I was, despite a lot of criticism t something positive would see, "he said.

Victimization in social networks

Perhaps the most serious criticism that Danilo Avelar suffered in Corinthians recorded on social networks. In this respect, the player made a large explosion during the SporTV, citing false profiles, children and even remembering when he was also a fan and critical "sometimes without understanding football."

"Social media critics allow anyone to create a false profile, for example, giving the person the power to express any feeling she has at the moment, whether it's anger, help, by that ten-year-olds are coming on Instagram or Twitter is criticizing, I have to absorb my biggest criticism of the technical committee that excites me. playing badly, then I have to draw my own attention, "he said. .

You work through the week, go to the stadium and let it go, talk about what you want in your home after the game thinks it gives The right for you you understand football, and sometimes it's not like that. "

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