Wednesday , January 27 2021

Tatty Werneck at the start of the pregnancy: 'There's no romanticism;

The presenter Tattoo Werneck opened the heart by talking about the beginning of her first child 's pregnancy with Rafael Vitti. Pregnant for just over two months, the artist wrote a message to support a fan who also suffers from symptoms of hyperemesis gravidarum – a disease that causes severe illness in the pregnant woman.

Tatá's follower said she had been called Pregnant mother by his friends wanting time as bad as nausea. The hostess came out to defend the young girl and spoke about her own experience.

"Soft pregnancy? There is no pregnant woman, soft woman. It's very difficult. So far I've gone bad. I've vomited 15 times a little tonight. But I'm not 3 months old again and I Pregnancy is a very big transformation, there is nothing in you that doesn't change.In a month and a half, I left home about six times (removing the doctor I am There is no romanticism, love is deep., he said.

The hostess also spoke about her relationship with her baby. "I'm about to be in love with the baby. But women are taking longer and it's normal! Don't blame yourself for anything! but you have an idea that there is a baby inside you, but everything has already changed. Baby, live your pregnancy as it must be. No pregnancy is equal to another and all are legal God bless your little baby..

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