Thursday , May 19 2022

Switzerland assigns suspected PSDB treatment of R $ 43 miles – Diary of Grande ABC


Swiss court referred for the first time in a suspicious official document on the financing of the PSDB's presidential campaign, mentioning a bid for judicial co-operation between Brazil and the European country. The calculation of the census is a turnover of approximately accounts that have been blocked with R $ 43.2 million in Switzerland.

The information has been included in a decision of the Swiss Federal Criminal Court on September 26 this year and rejected appeals filed by the suspect to prevent the collaboration process from proceeding.

Here is the second case of collaboration between Brazil and Switzerland that includes PSDB. In the first bid, Bern sent bank statements of accounts issued to former director of Dersa Paulo Vieira de Souza in Brazil. However, the Swiss Public Prosecutor's Office has confirmed, in the case of the $ 43.2 million, that the focus is not the former director of Dersa.

Because they are still being investigated, however, the suspect names are kept secretly.

According to the document, the Brazilian Federal Prosecutor's Office, on June 27, 2017, applied for legal aid to Switzerland "in a criminal case brought against B. and others for money laundering, active and passive corruption. " The "B" letter refers to a suspect whose name has to be kept confidential – the letter does not refer to the beginning of its name.

According to the document, Switzerland talks about a Brazilian investigation and having a relationship to fund the party's campaign. According to the Swiss court, Brazil's bid for cooperation refers to people who "suspects that they have agreed that the group C. should pay, in return for the operation of a loan agreement that they entered with D (a Brazilian joint venture that is actively developing the road service, managed by the São Paulo State government for the construction, operation, maintenance and management of motorways and interdisciplinary aims), the money to fund the PSDB presidential campaign. C and D groups refer to companies whose names have not been disclosed either.

The bid for co-operation in 2017 requested that Swiss block assets in stated accounts, which would reach R $ 43.2 million. According to the Court, this would be "equivalent to more than 10 million Swiss francs, the total amount paid by Group C. on the basis of corruption between 2006 and 2012."


Asked about, the PSDB summit said that the party's current leadership will not talk for the time until they know exactly what it's about. The information comes from the newspaper S. Paulo State.

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