Wednesday , June 29 2022

Sioan internal domestic Chevrolet Onix Sedan with multimedia as the need


It was enough prototype with open glass in the transport of São Paulo to take place in this custody. The photos, which are sent by the reader Rafael Bomtempo, show that Onix Sedan, at the same time as being ready will be ready to launch, get the same one in which we have already seen in the Chinese version.

Flagra: Chevrolet Onix Sedan

The picture above, which has been placed next to the picture of the Chinese panel, confirms the same structure for the national sedan in the future. The multimedia center is in an upright position, and just like on the Equinox, use the buttons at the bottom with the volume in the center. The equipment panel changes the digital display to two analogue clocks (accelerator and atomometer) and a central display for the computer on the table, as well as white lights. The steering wheel is the one used in China.

Chevrolet Onix Sedan 2020 (China)

Materials and colors will be adapted to the Brazilian flavor, but we do not expect many changes from what we have seen in the picture above. When you see the beige, you should get gray. The MyLink multimedia will have a new interface, while the OnStar system will remain in the internal mirror.

On the outside, even the wheels are the same as the car used to spread in China. The new Onix will be responsible for the first appearance of 1.0 turbo of 3 Chevrolet cylinders, entering in the end battle with Volkswagen. Hyundai and Fiat are also preparing their new 3-cylinder low displacement machines.

The new Onix Sedan will be released before the opening (known as Onix Plus), but this will only take place between September and October. For 2020 will be the new Tracker, produced in São Caetano do Sul (SP), with the double Onix remaining in Gravataí (RS).

The new Onix family will appear for the first time with a turbo 1.0 engine and automatic gearbox, reducing the current Onix and Prisma versions to the Joy (although look at the 2016 reset). At the same time, Cobalt will be relocated for the fleet market.

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