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Senedd approves a text based project on real estate gestures


The Senedd floor on Tuesday approved the basic text of the bill that regulates rights and duties in breach of property purchase contracts, what is known as "highlighting", a long-term call of construction industry.

Luxury residential building built in Bahia 09/12/2018 REUTERS / Ricardo Moraes

Luxury residential building built in Bahia 09/12/2018 REUTERS / Ricardo Moraes

Photo: Reuters

According to Parliament, the vote was abolished after the basic text approval and it should be resumed on Wednesday, with the analysis of amendments approved earlier this month by the Economic Affairs Committee (CAE). [nL2N1XI1OF]

The text provides that the construction company maintains 50 per cent of the amount paid by the buyer if the property is within the system called an equity effect, where a company & # 39 ; n is created to play the project with fairness other than the construction company. In other cases, the penalty will be 25 per cent.

Favorable parliamentarians argue that the bill updates the residential real estate sale rules in the country, giving legal assurance to the builders and users at the time of negotiation.

On the other hand, there are parliamentarians who have considered the text more favorably for companies, and more balance is needed, as it allows builders to defer the delivery of the property to buyers for up to six months, with no burden, while retaining up to half the value paid by the user if they give the best to the procurement, according to the agency.

In addition, the best-seller buyer can recover the amount paid only after 180 days of coverage or, if there is an equity, after 30 day of having the "residence" of the construction.

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