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Second experience Enem needs a skill against fatigue – Education


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The chemistry teacher Raquel Malta and the student Las Coelho also interpret the key of the science test of nature (photo: Jair Amaral / EM / D.A WASG)

After the first day of the National Examination of Higher Education (Enem), time to think about maths, chemistry, physics and biology. On Sunday, candidates face the second phase of the marathon of assessments, experiencing their knowledge in the fields of mathematics and nature science. Tests are considered hard because of the number of calculations that I made. If the exam in the first stage raises the ability to read and interpret the student, in the second it will ask for reasoning and ability to divide the fatigue before the formulas and accounts.

This year, the exact area will have 30 minutes of tests, in a total of five hours. With this, an average three minute time for each question earns 20 seconds of progress. Mathematics teacher, Flix Munoz, of a former university Bernoulli, in Lourdes Town, in Central-South Belo Horizonte, believes that the 2018 edition will obey the previous model, as there was no change in the edict. In mathematics, Enem also shows reading and how important it is in an exam – each question brings a text. "The first challenge is ready to solve a large number of issues. The other is the ability to make basic accounts (add, subtract, split and multiply), handy and skilfully to solve during a trial period, "said Munoz.

So, it's just starting attention by solving the easiest issues, leaving the hardest ones for the end of the test. The strategy is important due to the item's response theory (TRI), Enem email system that evaluates and responds and attempts to identify those given by a kick. Most charged content includes proportional, proportional and three-dimensional amounts, together with percentage, statistics, and spatial geometry. Those who produce the greatest difficulty, in the opinion of the teacher, are the questions that are associated with logarithms, combined analysis and probability. The good news, according to him, said the statements since 2009 have become clearer, avoiding interpretations and double interpretations.

"Every issue is contextualized in a real subject, which is dialogues with different disciplines and interprets texts, graphs and tables. The interpretation is very strong, also in the math test," says Bernoulli's teacher. Details should be noted. "Alternatives have values ​​that are derived from intermediate calculations, which can lead the candidate to error. So check if you answered what was asked before passing the answer to the basic feedback," he added.

Student Daniel Vaz, 17, is confident in the field of mathematics. He is considering joining a course in chemical engineering at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), but he is even looking for a vacancy in biochemistry at the University of Columbia in New York. The preparations over that time, for the Brazil test and for the tests in the United States, were based on simulations, which most worked for it. In the days before the test, the strategy is to review and do some exercises. "The Enem and US evidence are predictable. The same kind of questions fall, so if you do tests and simulation, there is not enough room. know the issue and get used to the test style, "he said.

For Daniel Vaz, nowadays
For Daniel Vaz, the time now is to take it lightly and take advantage of the last few days to practice the question of deciding within time (photo: Jair Amaral / EM / D.A WASG)

The student's ticket raises this light and, for those who have not been used to test time, take these last days to plan. "Mathematics is more laborious according to the size of the census and for being extensive. The time has been extended, but still a bit running for those with a reasoning difficulty. Write the statement to remember what was quoted. And he will have an option for those who did not remember going back a question and who stopped in the middle of the road. ; This test requires careful attention to time and attention to detail. "

(photo: Art / EM)
(photo: Art / EM)

Relationship of information

Probation that works great with the relationship between the information. This is one of the main features of the nature science area, which is raised in the National Examination on Higher Education (Enem). Therefore, clarity in the associated concepts is fundamental. "He will have an approach in that subject, which has a concept in turn and the candidate must have regard to him to contact this information," warns Professor Raquel Malta, chemistry area coordinator Colgio Santo Agostinho in Contagem, in the Belo Horizonte Metropolitan Region.

In chemistry issues, for example, attention is given to details relating to balancing chemical equations, mathematical actions including calculations, and small tips that are not always identified. Interpret the test key. "Contact what you saw with the information that is put into that question. It can be put in different forms, such as image, fee and graphics," said the teacher. The expectation is also an evaluation similar to previous years.

Regular topics have carried out this standardization, among them, a chemical calculation, organic chemistry with recognition of organic function and reaction. In this question, in general, the problem brings a reaction where it shows what is happening and asks the candidate to reproduce it with another substance; similar to the one in the model. The balance of the chemical equation (which will influence the chemical calculations) and questions about a chemical balance issue will also appear constantly in the tests. Since the beginning of Enem, in 1998, blended combinations were separated. Finally, electrochemistry also has information to prioritize.

Raquel recalls how interesting the student is to know previously some Enem points. "The exam does not bring the periodic table. You do not need to remember it completely, but I need to have a nuisance and some basic information, such as the elements of some columns" , warns the co-ordinator.

Nature science is an important area for the third year student Colgio Las Bitencourt Coelho, 17, who wants to study medicine. In recent weeks, she says she is dedicated to making previous tests of the Enem, to become familiar with the language of that application. In the last part, rest is prioritized. Once a week, she's playing with friends, to tread. "You can not give me the best to sleep, eat and manage anxiety. I need to keep my calm head now," he said. "However, you will be cold in the bowel because the note is too high for the course I want, but I try to remember every day that I have to be confident."

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