Thursday , January 20 2022

São Paulo defines A # 39; for Diego Aguirre's place, says PVC


Coach Diego Aguirre did not resist the leak in the Brazilian Brazilian Championship and was shot on Sunday night (November 11). After the departure of the Uruguayan, the commentator Paulo Vinícius Coelho, from the channels FOX Sports, showing what A & # 39; o Tricolor Paulista about the situation.

FOX extends possibilities for hiring FOX Sports

PVC spoke during the program The last word, the president of the Morumbi team has the favorite to order the team already.

"São Paulo speaks – Leco speaks – Plan A is the attempt of André Jardine to be a coach. It means what: he is the trainer by the end of the year. São Paulo is trying to do work Jardine, "said the channel commentator FOX Sports.

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Tricolor Paulista comes from the archives of the Corinthians, in the Arena, on Saturday last (10). With the result and the Grêmio win in round 33, the club left the G-4 after 22 consecutive rounds.

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