Friday , August 19 2022

Santos still discusses the purchase price specified in the Jorge loan


Jorge is near to be employed by Santos (Photo: Divulgação / FCP)

Santos is on last Wednesday hiring Jorge, Monaco-FRA and lending to Porto-POR, but we need to discuss basic details: the purchase value set.

A Gazeta Esportiva Having heard about the Monaco bid for 8 million euros (R $ 34 million) for the Fish Stay after the loan, from 2020, however, President José Carlos Peres refused.

According to Peres, this topic has not yet been discussed. Alvinegro is waiting to reach the junction between Thursday and Friday for medical exams and discuss the final agreement.

Without anywhere in Porto, Jorge was released by Monaco. After revealing Flamengo, the 22-year-old athlete was called by the Brazilian national team in 2017.

Jorge's likely arrival does not stop hiring Felipe Jonatan, from Ceará. The 21-year-old has received medical checks, has been trained and should be published by Friday. Santos paid a fine of R $ 6 million. The tendency is that Orinho, with a contract only until May, will give her the best.

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