Monday , January 17 2022

Rose de Freitas defends the release of employees who withdraw FGTS from workers – Senedd News


Senator Rose de Freitas (Can-ES) on Tuesday (20) in Plenary Party defended the approval of his project that authorizes the employee, when resigning, to withdraw the Guarantee for Time Fund Service, FGTS. Here is PLS 392/2016. For it, the government should give the best protection to the employee, who is the real owner of this money and must decide for himself where and how to apply what he is.

Rose de Freitas denies there is a danger that many would resign in order to access the Guarantee Fund. For the senator, such a mind is the equivalent of saying that the worker does not have the ability to reflect. He reminded that there was currently a few serious economic crisis, that there would be a little risk of leaving the work in return for the removal of all FGTS.

– It's fallacy to say that our own PLS would provide the Guarantee Fund at risk or would cause a fall in the financial system of housing. If this were the case, the fund would not be resistant to the R $ 34.5 billion released from dormant accounts and spray resources to the economy, which had its positive effect on GDP of the system from 0.61 percentage points.

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