Sunday , August 7 2022

Roche decides to close drug production in Brazil's Economy


Swiss pharmaceutical group, Roche, decided to close medicines in Brazil. In a statement, the company should steer the activities of its factory, located in Jacarepaguá, in Rio de Janeiro, being completely closed between four and five years.

Brazil's Roche Farma, the group's country division, will host its headquarters and administration office in São Paulo, and its distribution center in Anápolis (GO).

According to the company, the number of employees in Rio de Janeiro in 2019 is not projected to decrease, due to the announcement. There are currently 440 employees on the unit.

"Our employees will receive the best possible support, with transparent and respectful treatment, throughout this transition," said Patrick Eckert, president of Roche Farma Brazil, in a statement.

The company attributed the decision to the overall strategy of "concentrating efforts on innovative products of high complexity and low production volume".

According to Roche, the drugs currently produced in the country (Bactrim, Bonviva, Cymevene, Dilatrend, Dormonid, Lexotan, Prolopa, Rivotril, Rocaltrol, Rohypnol and Valium) contain high volume products and complexity. Low, "which makes Very little sustainability of Rio de Janeiro".

"Roche reinforces his commitment to continue to supply patients with high quality drugs now manufactured in Rio," he added.

The company is reporting on its website about 1,200 employees throughout the operation in Brazil.

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