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Rafael Island publishes Thumb and recalls dating with Simony – 02/22/2019


Rafael Island talked about his past with drugs, dating Simony and announced the return of part of the Polar group, in the "Sensational" Thursday (21). The singer intends to kill the fans who wish, 30 years after the original line.

"It's 30 years from Dumben, I was with Alex [Gill] and let's make a Mine Monster & Monster Monster. In the rock footprint, both of the Index launchers. We have nice clothes for the songs, it was really interesting, and we would like to make some presentations, "said the last issue of" The Farm ", in the Record.

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Rafael Island and Simony at the time of the courtship Image: Disclosure / Network TV!

The romance with Simony was also remembered. "It was funny, I was always a fan of the Magic Balloon, she was presenting a show at the SBT, we contacted her and we had a relationship, she was very dear, "he said.

In the biography "The Stones of my Way," says Simony on the courtship. "He was my first girlfriend and he looked like Prince Charming!" We were dancing and asked, Let's let's go? &, I said, right! & # 39; Simply so, we both children, for a while, had not kissed yet! "he told Sonia Abram, who wrote the book on the life of the ex-Polish.


Isla talked about arriving at the bottom of the well. "What I put into the drug was the curiosity, I already knew alcohol and marijuana, but I first tried cocaine with an older boyfriend, it became dependent immediately, when I was 15 years old, we had the first of more than 30 hospitals of cocaine and crack. "

He even moved to try to get rid of reliance. "I left in Sao Paulo because Rio did not have a crack, but it came up to go to a cocaine again and became a soldier of traffic. I spent a year in traffic in Rio, I was shot in exchange for shots With the police, you dropped myself back, "remember.

The singer told how he felt. "I was not afraid of dying. When you reach the chemical dependence that I have arrived, you lose your self-esteem. I did not believe about myself, you did not love me i. Do I think about my family, my work? by the drug ".

However, awareness did not leave it in this period. "As drugs and alienated as you are, you're feeling embarrassed, I'm sorry, everything. I was junkie, in junkie, but the awareness was working. perfect. "

He even tries to kill himself. Last year I made 18 years of sobriety, "celebrating the 45-year-old singer." I can not get out of this situation, I was thirteen years in a row.

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