Thursday , November 26 2020

Race Deputies are trying to go to BBC's BBB to question Paula, investigate intolerance

O Paulo Víctor Mafrans in the Extra Journal.

Gilbert Stivanello, representative of the Police Department of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, asked Globo to enter the police in a "BBB 19" house to Paula to ask. She is previously researched for religious intolerance.

– Let's go to the location to see what we have seen in the videos. The problem in question is one of religious intolerance, "added the representative, adding:" There is still a doubt that crime is in its speech and the conversation will help a lot to explain.

Despite other controversial quotes inside the house, Paula is investigated because of the statements during a conversation with Diego, who has already deleted, and Hariany. At that time, the lawyer said she was afraid of Rodrigo because he had contacted "Oxum business". He also said that "our God is more."

"I'm very afraid of Rodrigo," he said. Hariany did not understand the comment and question: "Fear of what? Should you send it to the wall?"

"I still catch the leader at some point and send it. I'm very afraid. It's tired with those things … I'm talking through & He's time for his Oxum business there, he knows. I'll be afraid of that. "


"She's been investigated about these lines and I'm going to address what he said on the show with what he says personally. " In many other statements, I will not see any kind of crime. They can be politically wrong. The query will help a lot to explain this story – the bet of Gilbert Stivanello, who also says: – Paula will be heard in a secret and reserved place on the station. I will still talk to Rodrigo to see if he / she feels he has offended. You have to listen to all parts.

The deputy also said that Maycon, who has also made controversial statements about Rodrigo and Gabriela's beliefs, is not being investigated.


The representative will hear Paula Photo: Reproduction

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