Sunday , August 7 2022

Public prosecutor opens an investigation to determine a video of Bettina of Santa Catarina


The Public Prosecutor of São Paulo (MPSP) has opened an investigation to investigate the publicity piece of the company Empiricus which includes Bettina Rudolph of Santa Catarina. The aim is to investigate whether the video was unrecognized as advertising, and also wanted to know whether it was "skipping risks and information relevant to the user."

The MPSP also says that the procedure will check "if the advert can be described as misleading advertising". In addition, the inquiry asks whether the advertising campaign was extended, which could be a violation of consumer rights, as well as being a "possible reconfiguration of the company in this type of practice". . "

It is worth remembering that last Tuesday, Procon de São Paulo sent a notice to Empiricus, a company where Bettina works, to test how the girl from R $ 1,500 went to just over R $ 1 million in three years. . The statement also asks the company to explain whether a video with Bettina on YouTube (which became viral last Thursday) is an advertising campaign.


Bettina Rudolph, a 22-year-old daughter in Administration in Furb in Blumenau and Timbó's family, is an ad star who says she has gone from R $ 1,500 to just over $ 1 million of equity investment in the Stock Exchange. .

In the video, we still apologize for the disregard, but it says that highlighting those numbers would be important to catch the surfer's attention.

The advert became quite a target of forging, questioning, and became the most mentioned topic on Twitter. In an interview with Santa, Bettina said that he didn't care for the jokes and even said she was saving everything for a day to show her children. Click here to find out more about the Vale of Itajaí girl who is part of the latest controversial debate..

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