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Privacy Policy | Cancer and Prostate: 5 Ways of Prevention


The Blue November campaign makes society aware, especially men, about the main diseases that affect the male audience. The most serious is prostate cancer. An estimate from the Ministry of Health states that, for that year, about 70 thousand new cases of the disease are forecast.

Data from the State Health Department, only in 2017, revealed that 990 deaths had been recorded for this type of cancer. In Ponta Grossa, the situation is even more worried. In three years, men's deaths due to illness increased 53.5% in the city.

Campaigns such as October Pink and Blue November aim to warn normal exams and early discovery of breast cancer and prostate to increase the chances of improving. In the prostate case, you need to be aware of the different ways of preventing the start of the disease.

"The campaign slogan refers to the care that the man should have from November to November, always looking for healthy habits and a good quality of life. It needs to know its own body, to check changes in urine color, bladder extinguishing difficulties, as well as avoiding excessive alcohol consumption and smoking, "said Carolina Poliquesi, head of the Department of Health of Human Health Division of Human Health.

The man should look after November until November, seeking healthy habits and quality of life. (Photo: José Aldinan)

According to the doctoral doctor, Bruno Fontoura, from the Universitário dos Campos Gerais Hospital, 50-year-old men should perform the touch exam. "Prostate screening is for men as young as 50 years old, however, for those with a family history of illness, the advice is to try a 45-year-old doctor," explains urology, Bruno Fontoura.

Prostate cancer is usually silent and does not have symptoms. "It's important to achieve the blood tests (PSA) and touch. As age increases, the chance of the disease seems more aggressive." 90%, "said & 39; r urologist.

5 ways of stopping

Avoiding non-healthy habits: Both cigarettes and alcohol are designated substances. In the specific case of the male population over the age of 35, their harmful toxins are a serious health hazard for prostate.

Exercise: Physical activities contribute to the body's health and through regular exercise, there is a reduction in the toxins storage and a significant regulation of the likelihood of being overweight.

Focusing on food: Studies have shown that a poor incident has a representative number in cases of prostate cancer.

Treating Medicines: Patients misuse many conventional and improvised drugs. This contributes to the accumulation of a number of chemical elements in our body.

Increase your sexual activity: Studies undertaken by the World Health Organization have shown that sexy and healthy sexual activities can reduce at least 47% of the probability of prostate cancer contracting.

Incentive action

HU offered a number of tests to encourage male healthcare. (Photo: José Aldinan)

To encourage men for care and prevention, the University Hospital of Ponta Grossa, offered last Monday (12), a number of campaign actions, Blue November.

On site, prostate exams, squared square ultrasound were performed and attended man's sexuality problems. Blood and blood pressure tests, physical activities and cattle and barrel cuts were offered.

"Our goal was to offer the opportunity for the people to pay attention to the care they should take with their health." Women have the practice of carrying out a number of tests offered by SUS, such as preventive measures, mammograms. , we wanted to bring them closer, taking advantage of these tests here at the hospital, "said Tatiana Cordeiro, MD, general director of Hospital & University.

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Worried about health, trader Daranline Cordeiro Koteski, 45, seeks University Hospital to organize her prostate exam. "My mother always commented on the risk and healthcare. This is my first time and I'm not afraid," he said. Check the interview:

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