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Patrícia says Silvio Santos has spoken "nonsense": "I'm nervous" – 09/11/2018


Patricia Abravanel talked about his dad's controversial speeches and said she wanted to invest in an actress career and even offered play in children's novels written by her mother, Iris Abravanel, at SBT. In the third season premiere of "Lady Night", which flies on Monday (12) in the "Multishow", the host, the reason for this has not yet happened.

"I have already asked my mother to write a part in her novels for me, but I'm always pregnant," he says, expecting his third child. In the streets, she does not think when they do not call it by name. "At the moment my daughter Silvio Santos is my step. Nobody knows she is Patricia."

Attendance every week in "Jogo dos Pontinhos", the presenter does not feel disappointed. "What I felt was the opposite: because my dad's daughter, I believe that the public is allowing me well. The SBT watchman was very distressed to me; I think they like to see this girl. "

Besides revealing that Silvio Santos is wearing special underwear, Patricia tells how he is like a father. "It's very participative, it has a lot more good way, much to do." "Good advice, making us make good decisions." I get more nervous about the bullshit that he spoke about [no programa]".

In school, she assumes she's working. "I was really excited, I was delighted to make a mess. When my guests were invited to pull back, I learned the lesson. [Silvio] Only to school when I was very serious. I've been too much too much. "

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