Monday , July 4 2022

Not only the colors? Petraglia thinks of changing to the Atletico-PR name


The deliberate chairman, who was already talking about changing the club's visual identity, complained about the number of Athletes & # 39; present.

If the Atletico Paranaense fan was already scared because of the possibility of bringing new colors in the future, he may have another reason to worry: even the name & # 39; the club has resolved in the revolution & # 39; I thought of Mário Celso Petraglia. Although it relies on the approval of the Advisory Council, which is currently being ordered, the former Hurricane president appears to be determined to take forward the agenda.

In an interview with ESPN Brazil, it argues that the measure would bring the club brand more unique, now the target of confusion & # 39; with other organizations, he said.

"The Athletics Club has a number: Mineiro, Boca Juniors, River Plate and us, the Paranaense," explains the leader. "Atletico-MG was their first name, because they do not like Mining, we'd like to call us" Paranaense ", that's my name, and that's how we know in South America. "

Therefore, Petraglia says that the plan was not considered anyway, and that it would improve the Hurricane identity.

"We employ specialist companies, things are not done on the basis of an opinion," he added.

He was founded on March 26, 1924 from the merger of two clubs – the International Balloons Club and the Futebol America Club – Atlético-PR was only one change in his name: when the spell of the season was updated, he went from the Paranaense Athletic Club to the Paranaense Atlético Club that is used to date.

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