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Mutirão facilitates late debt settlements – 12/11/2018 – Market


Users who lack defaults have the opportunity to pay debts with repayments more than 90% in online exchange. Until December 1, Serasa User performs Limpa Nome Feira.

There are ten companies that participate, including Itaú, Santander, Net, Claro a Vivo.

In the final edition of Feirao, around 1 million people have renegotiated debts on the Serasa stage. Valet Richard Ferreira Alves, 31, was one of them.

After losing his work as an industrial gathering in 2016, and unable to seek a business, he pushed a credit card and overdraft. Both of them reached R $ 24,000.

The highest debt, from R $ 20,000, fell to R $ 1,500. The other Alves managed to pay for R $ 300, an overall reduction of 92%.

Unemployment was also the reason that led to the accountant Katia Benites, 45, to default. In 2016 she contracted personal loan debts, a credit card and a check was returned.

After removing part of the debts, he failed to pay the card. Through the Serasa stage, the accountant managed to negotiate R $ 1,200 to R $ 245 and make the cash payment.

According to Lucas Lopes, manager Serasa Limpa Nome, or 61.4 million customers with a negative CPF, there are around 33 million debts with companies participating in the joint effort.

Lopes says that the discounts offered are high due to paying the 13th pay. "It's a good time for companies that are more likely to renegotiate."

The entire procedure is online. You must go to

By registering, the user will be referred to a page where debts that can be negotiated with the participating companies are listed. Creditors have service channels and, in some cases, pre-established proposals.

According to the latest survey carried out by Serasa Experian in September 2018, the number of uncommon users in the country rose by 1.51% in September last year: 61.4 million versus 60.5 million.

Total debts in September were R $ 274.1 billion, with an average of R $ 4,462 per CPF. The age group with the most late accounts goes from 41 to 50 years and represents 19.8% of total deficits.

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