Friday , January 22 2021

Mourão states that Bolsonaro's decision was to reveal a pro-dictatorship video from the Planalto

BRASÍLIA – President-in-Office Hamilton
Monday said that release of the video
Horn of 1964
as a moment in history when
The Army
"save" Brazil,
shared on Sunday by the Planalto Palace through mobile messaging application
, was the decision of President Jair

In a tone accompanying Bolsonaro's statements about the dictatorship, the material was sent to journalists by the Communications Secretariat's telephone number. When asked about the GLOBO report on the origin and the decision to release the video, the body has not responded so far. On Sunday only to say that he would not comment on the content of the play.

Leaving the office of the Vice-President late in the morning, GLOBO questioned Mourão if it was appropriate for the Planalto to have released the material on the day he made the 55th corner. just answered "the president's decision." The report then reiterated the question, and the Chair confirmed in post:

– The Presiding Officer's decision. Published by the Planalto, the president's decision.

It was reported that the Communications Department has not yet announced where the video has left, the question returned:

"You don't know either?" – and said he had not watched the video.

After seeking, the Presidency advised that it would not comment on Mourão's statement.

In the play, a gentleman says that his age remembers a moment of "darkness" to the country. It is described this time as "time fears and threats," where the "Communists are arrested and killing their compatriots." It suggests that the young people consult newspapers and period films to know that "fear in the sky", "strike in factories", "uncertainty". The narrator then says that Brazil "recalls" that he possessed an army "and, according to him, the people called for the actions of the army.

"The Army saved us, the Army saved us, there is no denying it, and it all happened on a common day today, March 31. You can't change the story," you say in the video . With almost two minutes, the stamped material does not show its origin and ends with the message that the army doesn't want "palmas or tributes." "The Army carried out its role," the video records.

In the last two weeks, Bolsonaro has caused debate in deciding the date. After criticism, he said the government's intention was actually "remembering" the day. Last Friday, the governor of the 6th Federal Court of Justice in Brasilia banned the government from commemorating the couple's anniversary. A female judge on duty at the 1st Divisional Federal Court, however, overturned the ruling on Saturday.

The play was also shared, through social networks, by federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP), the president's son. Along with the video, he wrote: "On a day like today Brazil was released. Thank you for 64 military! Skepticism? Ask your parents or your grandparents and your grandmothers who lived that period as it were? "

When asked about the report on Monday about the origin of the video, the MP has still not responded.

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