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Miss Bumbum: remind all promoters of every issue – Famous


A last
from Miss Bumbum 2018 on Monday (05), in São Paulo, with the mission to elect the owner of the most beautiful derrière in the country. The event reaches its eighth and last issue with many arguments, diversity and, of course, a lot of beauty of the candidates.

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Miss Bumbum Champions: Rosie Oliveira (2017) and Erika Canela (2016)
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Miss Bumbum Champions: Rosie Oliveira (2017) and Erika Canela (2016)

While the champion
I'm very happy Miss Butt
Not published 2018, y iG People
made a list with all the winners of the previous editions of the competition to remember that the beauty has the right to the title; see:

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Rosana Ferreira

Winner of Miss Bumbum 2011 - Rosana Ferreira
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Winner of Miss Bumbum 2011 – Rosana Ferreira

In 2011 Rosana Ferreira stood in the first edition of the competition. He won names like Andressa Urach and baby Muniz and Ana Paula Minerato, but she had not won a place in the media as her competitors.

At that time, Rosana appeared in some headings, stamping the cover of sexual magazines such as Sexy
a Paparazzo
, as well as special participation in the "Esquenta" Globo program. Today, the model has just over 140,000 followers on Instagram, which sends many beautiful images and Internet users.

Carine Felizardo

Winner of Miss Bumbum 2012 - Carine Felizardo
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Winner of Miss Bumbum 2012 – Carine Felizardo

After ignoring Andressa Urach – who took part for the second time – and Laura Keller, in the 2012 edition, Carine Felizardo was a bit of fame and in 2014 he took part in the "Casa Bonita" reality show in the Multishow.

Despite receiving the title of the most beautiful station in Brazil six years ago, Carine still uses social networks to display the body, it works as a girl advertisements for fitness brands, and starred in unhealthy trials beyond spicy

This year, the last owner replaced five minutes Miss Bumbum, Rosie Oliveira, on a trip to Japan to attend the second edition of the competition in the country in question.

Dai Macedo

Winner of Miss Bumbum 2013 - Dai Macedo
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Winner of Miss Bumbum 2013 – Dai Macedo

After winning the third edition final, Dai Macedo started dedicating himself to the role of "fitness model", making publicity campaigns and promoting a healthy lifestyle, including a YouTube channel where he shares training and tips. It's worth noting that among the winners, she was the only one who did not print the cover of the magazine Sexy
, as it was in his championship competition.

Today she owns her own clothing brand and with a million followers on Instagram, Dai can be called digital influencer and highlighting full-length pictures full of style, beauty and a lot of five, of course.

Indiana Carvalho

Winner of Miss Bumbum 2014 - Indiana Carvalho
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Winner of Miss Bumbum 2014 – Indiana Carvalho

Winner of the competition in 2014, Indianara Carvalho secured Sexy insurance – as usual – and participation as the platform assistant of the "You on TV" program, from RedeTv !, As well as the advertising campaigns provided in the contract.

With a few media warnings, the blonde has 98,000 followers in its Instagram, but there are a few proportions that, even though they have been marked by sensory clicks.

Suzy Cortez

Winner of Miss Bumbum 2015 - Suzy Cortez
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Winner of Miss Bumbum 2015 – Suzy Cortez

In 2015, Suzy Cortez won the title and today re-creates sensible fruit. At that time Camila Gomes campaigned his second victory, second in the issue, which said she deserved the title more than anyone else, noting that Suzy had won because she already had much more visibility.

After taking the competitive track, Cortez made a series of broadcasting exercises, including the Portuguese edition of the Playboy magazine and practicing nude for his heart team in São Paulo. She even took part in the "Big Brother" French reality show, but decided to leave the program.

In Instagram she adds more than a million followers and likes to share unnecessary sexual essays, as well as fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Erika Canella

Winner of Miss Bumbum 2016 - Erika Canella
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Winner of Miss Bumbum 2016 – Erika Canella

In 2016, only 24, Erika Canella was the model, won the jury's choice and took home the title of the best derrière champion in the country. And to seal even more, the title was in historical achievement: Bahia was the first black woman to win the competition.

Since then Erika has caused enough. It was the cover of Playboy from Portugal, who took part in the "Love On Top" reality show, paradoxed like Musa in the São Paulo Carnival and international headings stamped at Tattooing Trump at the back. Recently, he was involved in arguing with the player Cristiano Ronaldo, who claimed he had had a relationship.

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Rosie Oliveira

Winner of Miss Bumbum 2017 - Rosie Oliveira
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Winner of Miss Bumbum 2017 – Rosie Oliveira

Rosie Oliveira, who was a modelist, journalist, won the competition in 2017. At the end of the competition he took the dressing platform in India, with a Brazilian flag and a flag with the phrase "Fora Temer" against the sale of the Amazon.

As well as sensory essays and lecturers in his social network feed, with more than 140,000 followers, the brunette has also penetrated in the São Paulo Carnival by the Tatuapé Academics and his body's attention. However, the title Miss Butt
Rosie's about to be taken over by another beauty in this 2018 edition, is now waiting for the final result.

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