Thursday , August 11 2022

Melodia radio attacker attacked Yellow Line


Publisher Gustavo de Moraes, who worked on the Melodia radio station in the city of Rio, was shot on Thursday night in an attack on the Yellow Line, one of the main routes in the city. He was referred to Salgado Filho's urban hospital, Méier, in the North Zone.

Gustavo would leave work when he had been contacted by offenders. He was struck in the shoulder and in the eye. This Friday even took him to Souza Aguiar Borough Hospital, at the River River, for exams, but has already returned to Salgado Filho.

According to information from social networks, relatives of the publisher would have posted messages requesting information about the location of Gustavo, which would have been missing since Thursday night. However, only this Friday that relatives of him discovered that he was hospitalized in Salgado Filho.

Also on social networks, Radio Melodia mentioned what happened with Gustavo and said he was in prayer for his recovery.

According to the hospital, members of the family visited Gustavo Moraes on Friday afternoon. It is accepted into the Intensive Care Unit, but details of its condition are still unknown.

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