Thursday , May 19 2022

Look at the documents needed to be able to create the FGTS in 2019


Check the necessary documents to enable the FGTS to be withdrawn in 2019. Caixa has provided the SMS sending service to inform you of the regularity of FGTS deposits from your employer. You coincide with your benefit without having to go to an agency.

  • Registration is simple and free
  • You will receive monthly information about the deposits and balance of your recent Guarantee Fund
  • It will also be notified when the values ​​have been released to retrieve
  • More than 6.5 million workers have already joined

Need help registering for your cell phone? Below is the step by step that we are preparing to help you.

Alternatively, if you prefer, go to the current registration page by clicking on the button:

How to register on the website

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your NIS number and click on "password registration".
  3. Read the rules and click "I accept".
  4. Fill all areas with your personal data. Here you will need your Voter Registration number.
  5. Create a password with up to 8 digits and confirm.
  6. You will receive a registration notice made.
  7. To get in, fill the fields and press it right.
  8. Then. Now you can check your FGTS statement.

How to get the FGTS

Here's how to get your FGTS out

  1. Apart from the required documents

    As well as a photo ID number, Work Card and PIS / PASEP, specific documents are required, depending on the circumstances the employee requests to remove from the FGTS.

  2. Look at the service request

    When a contract is terminated, the employer must report the event to Caixa, via the Conectivitye electronic electronic channel. Within 5 working days, the employee can withdraw their benefit.

    In all other cases, the cancellation application is made by the employee or his representative, who attends a branch of Caixa with the documents.

  3. Take the balance of your FGTS

    R $ 1,500.00 or less can be canceled in the lottery units, Correspondents Aquinas Caixa, the electronic service stations and self-service rooms for employees with a citizen card and password. In other situations, money can be withdrawn in any branch of Caixa.

    If you need to publish a document with the reasons that prevent the withdrawal of your FGTS, ask the installer.


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