Sunday , December 5 2021

Life Mirror: Alain buys a circle, namely Gustavo


Life Mirror: Alain is buying a ring, Gustavo - Press Release / Mirror of Life / TV Globo

Mystery is increasingly surrounded by the Mirror of Life plot, the Rede Globo novel.

In Monday's chapter (12), Alain (João Vicente de Castro) visits an ancient store and ends up to buy mock antiques.

After seeing the song, Cris (Vitória Strada) says that she belonged to Gustavo, Alain in the past.

Learn more about what's happening in today's chapter:

Isabel hides her interest in the diary for Cris. Alain is curious about questioning Cris for her script. Ana has a nightmare with her daughter. Lenita bans Pat to meet Isabel and Marcelo. Gabi and Hugo are starting to date. Zezé plays cards for Pat. Cris admits Margot who does not know who will be able to hide the truth of Alain for a long time. Carmo admires Flor. Ana's call Americo to talk about Cris. Isabel is depressed when Josi and Mariane suggest she shows Cris her pictures with Alain. Isabel goes to an ancient store to search for information about Julia cameo. Alain follows Isabel and ends up to buy an old circle. Cris sees the ring on Alain's finger and claims that Gustavo was the jewel.

Life Mirror: Cris holds Isabel with Julia's diary
Life Mirror: Lenita is harassment with Isabel and Marcelo
Life Mirror: Cris meets Dora, Julia's best friend

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