Monday , September 26 2022

Labor's abolition faces the worker


Current Events – After attending a dinner at the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) in Brasilia on Wednesday (7), Presiding Officer Jair Bolsonaro told reporters that the Ministry of Labor should be incorporated, created 88 years ago. For some ministry without, however, notify who.

The statement from Bolsonaro was scarce by employee representatives. CUT president Vagner Freitas was released on the video of critical social networks criticizing the damages that will arise with this measure.

"What does this mean for your interest, hard and hard?" Asks Freitas. "It means that it will remove all the remaining rights that were not withdrawn by Temer, which means that he does not respect the employee, or for the work, & We mean we will not have where to discuss in this new government. We will not have anyone who discusses retirement, we will not have anyone to talk about. in this new government, your guarantee fund, your vacation, their rights, "he said.

"We're not going to allow this, you're not alone, we are here to defend, unite with your unions, coming to the fight to protect your rights. Mr. Temer made a reform of the labor, this is very serious. She is a president who does not respect the world of work, for her work, for you who are an employee. the Ministry of Labor will make it clear. When it does not move in the ministries that have to be involved in the business ?! ", criticized.

"It's hurt, it's even disturbing to the hard worker who voted on his behalf, and now, as a payment, ends the ministry, which means it will eliminate the rights included in the negotiations we can Fight only if we can guarantee our rights, and only the fight can guarantee we have new achievements, we have the CUT, count on the unions and we will go to fight. "

Historically, the Ministry of Labor has played different roles, depending on the government in question. During the governments of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff, he was always under the control of trade union organization representatives and played a positive role in formulating income distribution, job creation, professional qualification and supervision.

The agency was one of the crew of the mobile groups to fight slave labor, still under the government of Fernando Henrique in 1995, whose activity has intensified since the last decade.

Since the 2016 campaign, the pulp lost its relevance and portfolios expanded by making the understanding of the concept of slavery labor more flexible. Holding under the government of Temer, the representative of Cristiane Brazil, the pre-deputy daughter of Roberto Jefferson, was nominated to the ministry. Cristiane has exercises inconsistencies and processes for breaking labor rights in the curriculum.

Bolsonaro's signals follow the process of dismantling the regulation of labor and the role of the State as a conflict mediator and the formulation of policies to promote growth with reducing inequalities.

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