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Kubica returns to Formula 1 as Williams driver


The Polish driver of Robert Kubica, whose career in Formula One seemed to have ended when he had to deprive a part of his right arm in 2011, returning to the next season's track as driver Williams, who announced the team on Thursday.

Robert Kubica Formula Driver One 05/07/2018 REUTERS / Andrew Yates

Robert Kubica Formula Driver One 05/07/2018 REUTERS / Andrew Yates

Photo: Reuters

The 33-year-old, who won the Canadian Grand Prix with BMW Sauber in 2008, races alongside George Russell's first-time British teammate but is poorly located at the bottom.

"Returning to the F1 grid next season will be one of the biggest achievements of my life," said Kubica, with his last race in the 2010 sport with Renault.

Kubica served as a back-up driver and developed to Williams this year after losing the moor to Sergei Syrotkin, the Russian rookie, who made only one point in his 20 races so far.

The Polish confirmation also means that Lance Stroll Canada will go to Force India and that the French Esteban Ocon, who is supported by Mercedes, will have to resign himself to a term as a back-up driver.

Although Force India has not yet announced who will be a Mexican colleague Sergio Perez, the team belongs to a consortium led by Lance's billionaire father, Lawrence Stroll.

Kubica thanked everyone who had helped her during the difficult time following the life-changing accident where a steel security barrier had grown her car and her arm during a rally in the north west of Italy.

"It was a challenging journey back to the Formula grid 1, but what seemed almost impossible now started to seem possible," he said.

"It has been a long way to get to this point, but now this challenge ends with this announcement, a new challenge starts with working on Williams on the path."

Kubica undertook a great surgery after the accident, and her arm still visually and washed.

Last year, he said that, although he admitted some restrictions in arm movement, he or she feels better physically than when he lets to run for the last time.

Deputy director of Williams, Claire Williams, said the "Printed" was great "by the strength and feeling of Kubica.

"During this term, his commitment to the team and the work that he did behind the curtains never hit", he said. "She has an incredible level of decision that she can see, and it really embodies Williams' exciting spirit."

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