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Aromatherapy is one of the complementary therapies that can be used to improve or alleviate physical and mental problems. The method is defined as a set of therapeutic practices that use essential oils as a foundation. These oils are always extracted from aromatic plants.

"This is the main energy that selects the most central and essential form of the nature, always the plants that produce fragrance," explains Márcia Rissato, a flower therapist and an aromatherapist. For example, she quotes lavender, fennel, bark and orange flowers.

As chromotherapy, the use of aromas acts in physical and emotional treatment because it understands that many diseases arise through the processing of emotions. Body cure can be even better when essential oil is used to the skin.

"[A aromaterapia] It works physically and emotionally as it encompasses not only breathing the essential oil. In these cases, we can achieve more emotional balance, but it can also be used for the skin and, for another type of mechanism, the oil can offer a physical recovery, "said Márcia, very strongly, but together with vegetable oils for weakening.

Researchers at a university in South Korea researched the effects of aromatherapy on anxiety, sleeping and blood pressure in patients who had curly coronary interventions. As a result, they realized that the method effectively reduces levels of concern and increases the quality of sleep.

In the case of the study, researchers state "aromatherapy can be used as an independent nursing intervention" for these two purposes.

Aromatherapy: How do I work?

When we smell, our limbic system is triggered. After locating in the middle of the brain, this system has been directly linked to the aroma, recognizing the smell, explains Marcia.

In response to the olfactory stimulus, the brain releases alerts to the response body. For example, lavender molecules trigger relaxation reactions. According to the aromatherapist, depending on the concentration of the oil, the person can be motivated to sleep. What needs to be improved, more than one oil can be used.

Synthetic aromas, such as aroma, can have some effect, but they are not as strong as essential oils. For an idea of ​​your power – and price -, you need 300 kilometers of lavender or two tonnes of rosy petals to make a liter of the product.

How To Make Aromatherapy

Márcia explains, for breathing, that a diffuser can be used. "Put water in a container, oil trip and stay close for at least 20 minutes," he's learning. This, according to her, is the most accurate way to breathe the odor. Aromatizers or leaving the oil glass that are exposed to smell in the environment also solve.

Another method is the sauna. "You spoil the oil in a bowl of hot water, put a towel over your head, cover the bowl, and breathe the steam. All this stimulates & # 39; r common system, "explains the expert.

For emotional and psychological disorders breathing comes into effect faster. If the person is very stressed and body pain, with inflexible muscles, breathing is relaxing, but the body will continue inflammation In this case, contact the mode with the massage, applying the diluted oil to the skin.

Aromatherapy precautions

For people with an allergic assumption, especially strong smells, you need to prove in advance to know if aromatherapy has indicated. "Because the essential oil is not 100% natural that can not develop allergy," said the Márcia therapist. According to her, some molecules have a high allergenic potential.

The specialist says, like most therapies, that aromatherapy can initially worsen the symptoms and then record the treatment process better, "but it is very scarce . "

Meaning of aromas

Each essential oil has different properties to act on some needs. Below is the sign of all aroma according to therapist Márcia Rissato:

Lafant One of the world's most popular essential oils, lavender, is the most commonly used aromatherapy. This is because this smell has a very significant relaxation and anti-stress effect when used in a scatter of the sky. The relaxation effect also includes a reduction in blood pressure and normalization of the heart rate. In body applications, lavender is also associated with relaxation and the main essential oil for relaxation massage to relieve muscle pain due to the anti-inflammatory and analgeneous potential.

Geranium: This is the essential oil of the woman. The aromatic components of the essential oil of geranium behave positively on the hormonal dynamics, guaranteeing the balance of progesteron and estrogen. This balance helps to mitigate the distress and mood disorders that arise during premenstrual tension and also in menopause or other situations where female hormone oscillations occur. As well as mitigating the emotional symptoms caused by an imbalance in the production of hormones, the use of geranium reduces fatigue, keeping fluid and sleep disorders.

Lemongrass: Limewort acts directly when stimulating our creativity because it has the ability to organize minds. It stimulates the brain to think logically, stimulate psychic awareness and help to expect – bring light to conscious mind. This oil has a high power to purify energy and the environment and this is essential to be consistent to act carefully and not to absorb negative energy that does not belong to us and that the Both leave us unhappy.

Sweet sweet After extracting from Citrus aurantium dulcis orange skin, the essentially essential oil in Brazil has a pleasant sweet citrus aroma of the fruit itself. Many aromatherapists are known as happy oil, ie happiness oil, in a free translation. In addition, the citrus aromas, in general, enable this ability to provide joy, create a light and sensitive atmosphere. Used in aromatherapy properly as a help in depression and anxiety treatments.

Rosemary: The main advantage of the rosemary in aromatherapy is its stimulating effect, especially in memory, tackles mental tiredness and stimulates brain activity. It's great to leave in the car when driving for long distances and also to leave in a study and work environment. Oil that helps to overcome periods of extreme pressure and important transformations, because in addition to stimulating brain activity, we learn how to deal with fear and uncertainty.

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