Sunday , October 2 2022

Justice receives a complaint and Haddad becomes a defendant for pollution and laundering – News


Former Mayor of São Paulo, Fernando Haddad (2013/2016) became a criminal suicide for passive pollution and money laundering. A denu the MP (Office of Public Prosecutor) Partially accepted on Monday (19) by Judge Leonardo Barreiros, 5th Court Crime of Funda.

According to the MP, Haddad asked between April and May 2013, through João Vaccari Neto, then the treasurer of the PT, R $ 3 million of contractor UTC Engenharia claiming to pay Debt campaigning with Francisco Francisco de Souza's graph, known as Chicão Gordo & # 39 ;, former deputy state of the PT.

The complaint, which started from Lava Jet's methods, states that the contractor has sent R $ 2.6 million to Haddad.

However, the magistrate did not accept part of the accusation that Haddad raised for the gang's offense.

In a statement, Haddad said "the charm and another attempt to recycle the well-known and incredible Ricardo Pessoa caution already. With the same evidence, on the same facts, to an informant that the STF had already dismissed the Public Prosecutor, The White Prosecutor made a complaint of cash 2, a pollution complaint and an unexpected one. All without evidence, which was established solely on the word used by Ricardo Pessoa, who had his interests contrary to the Mayor Fernando Haddad . It's about abuse that comes to court. "

According to criminal lawyer Luiz Flávio Borges Drso, "Protector Vaccari defender" has never been a campaign treasurer and has never asked for any appeal for anybody's campaign. " The lawyer also said that "Mr. Vaccari is the party treasurer (PT) and in such a way asks for legal gifts only for the party, made by depositing the party's bank account, with acceptance and accountability to the party; the authorities. " He comes to the conclusion further by saying "he has never asked for any resource in kind to the PT, without mentioning money. Whoever accuses him is a Translator, who proves nothing, as they lie to get a reduction in the sentence. "

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