Friday , January 22 2021

João Vicente de Castro reveals the nickname of Alinne Moraes

Last Sunday (31), João Vicente de Castro decided to make a beautiful tribute to Alinne Moraes.

They worked together in Rock Story and Mirror of Life, the two novels exhibited by Rede Globo.

"My special partner. Our second job and my admiration grows vertically. Mine and all, the team and the cast (they're your call with our Ferrari in t back and / or Hurricane Alinne), "wrote revealing the curious nickname of the actress.

The actor then mentioned Alinne's ability to do a number of things at the same time.

"Alinne is a dancer, makes a beautiful scene, leaves, arranges the pharmacy that comes home, makes sample pictures, calls her son and her shoes to sleep on the phone ( when he can't give it personally) makes a funny comment, of clothes when eating soup, showing a video of his son, laughing at silly gossip and Alinne goes home to take his son. It 's lovely to see you working, "she wrote.

João Vicente de Castro continued to praise his friend and recall a minute of his first work.

"Alinne is rude to his own art, so there are so many things, severity, sweetness, competence, talent, understanding of human behavior, the technique of who has done much and courage by those who have never done No, it's lovely to see you helping everyone from your scope.I remember one of our first scenes on our first job, I didn't understand anything t at all and in the middle of the scene, I felt a hand pushing me out of the aside, then I understood that it pushed me to light. for everyone to be good in order for the scene to be good, so use your experience to push others into the light.You're a giant. Thank you for everything.You have no end, ”said the actor.

The last chapter of Mirror of Life will fly on Monday (1).

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