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Jardine starts a fire test in SP against Grêmio, from where Felipão has taken him – Football


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    Coach André Jardine will lead Sao Paulo in the game on Thursday, at Morumbi

    Coach André Jardine will lead Sao Paulo in the game on Thursday, at Morumbi

André Jardine starts on Thursday, at 7pm, at Morumbi, against Urdd, her fire becomes an effective technician of Dulyn Hotel. After the resignation Diego Aguirre, the assistant was promoted to a coach post and has the last five games of the Brazilian Championship to show service and remain in the position in 2019. However, by fate, he knows well Right to the opponent tonight and just in the Tricolor of São Paulo by the hand of Luiz Felipe Scolari, the current leader of the leader Palm Trees.

Before arriving at Morumbi, Jardine worked in Grêmio. But he started his story in the Tricolor Gaucho far from before. As a child, he was up-to-date with Ronaldinho Gaucho at the club's football school. Until today, in the rooms between the fields on the edge of the Guaíba, the photo with the old star of Brazil, with some faces, Jardine.

Unsuccessful in her career as an athlete, she left her career early to graduate in Physical Education. And as a coach, he started in the International, transferring to the Grêmio in 2013, after a series of titles in the inferior colorados teams.

After gaining a place in the teams on the ground, he became an assistant coach for the club's permanent committee. And in 2014, Temporan Moreira was temporarily replaced before Felipão arrived. He was responsible for a 2-1 loss Dulyn Hotel. Curiously, Zé Roberto trained five years higher.

And soon after arriving at Scolari, with two assistants, Ivo Wortmann and Flavio Murtosa, sounds of communication began to appear. Unlike ideas ranging from simple game situations to athletes approaches. And in one of them Felipão did not delay put a scream at Jardine during training they differentiated on corner costs. Without any fear of the current press or the result of the case, Scolari was tight and soon Jardine was dismissed so that the current Palmeiras trainer "men of confidence" was working alone.

After hiring by São Paulo in the next, almost reinforcing pressure in Morumbi could not. In 2015, when the tricolores, paulista and Maicon steering wheel loan gauge, the trainer suggested that the loan should be included with the purchase of a young man that was not used in Porto Alegre, Arthur. However, Grêmio did not accept the midfielder that now defends the Barcelona team and Brazilian national team.

Situation of Jardine in São Paulo

Through the work developed in the basic categories, Jardine gained morale in São Paulo. Last Tuesday (13), for example, the president of the club, Carlos Augusto de Barros e Silva, and Leco, spoke, or a coach and speaker during the Advisory Council meeting. According to the agent, the gaucho should be responsible for running the team next year. O A football operator, Raí, also supports Jardine, so much that he is promoting the foundation to assist this year's professional, and encourage his exchange of travel to Europe in October.

However, his future on the professional team is not as sure. Within the club, some who consider the Gaucho trainer are too young to take a São Paulo standard team. And, as you know, in Brazil's football, the choices have been defined by the latest results. So, in case Tricolor São Paulo can not finish Brazil with a performance that is considered well by the board, the board should look for another trainer. In this case, the most noted name is Abel Braga.

It is worth mentioning that São Paulo is the direct battle with Grêmio for fourth place and Brasileirão and, as a result, for one of the places in the Copa Libertadores 2019 group period (just the four best place that has been guaranteed at the moment in the continental tournament). After the game in the classic with Corinthians, the Tricolor Paulista added 58 points, but the gauchos were higher than the number of wins (16 to 15).

Technical specifications

São Paulo vs. Grêmio

Brazilian Championship – 34th round

Date: November 15, 2018
Location: Morumbi in Sao Paulo
Timetable: 7 pm (Brazil)
Referees: Pericles Bassols Pegado Cortez (AG)
Supporting: Clovis Amaral da Silva (PE) to Marcelino Castro de Nazare (PE)

São Paulo: Jean; Bruno Peres, Arboleda, Bruno Alves to Reinaldo; Jucilei, Liziero a Nenê; Helinho (Hudson), Tréllez and Everton. Trainer: André Jardine.

Grimming: Paulo Victor; Madson, Paulo Miranda, Geromel and Cortez; Michel, Maicon, Ramiro, Jean Pyerre (Cicero) and Everton; Jael. Technical: Renato Gaúcho.

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