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It's unpleasant & # 39; to give the poorer care unanswered, says Bolsonaro on Cubans | Politics


President-elect Jair Bolsonaro said on Friday (16) that he was "unfair" and "unpleasant" to provide the poorest medical care of Cuban "without any warranty" quality professionals.

After the breakfast brokerage between Bolsonaro and the novel orders, squadron sailor Eduardo Bacelar Leal Ferreira, in the first Naval Area Conservation Area, at the Rio Center.

According to the presiding-elect, the Brazilian government does not prove that the health professionals sent by Cuba are eligible and, therefore, have again defended that they should pass a test to revalidate the diploma and operate in Brazil.

"I've never seen an authority in Brazil saying that he had received help from a Cuban doctor," said Bolsonaro, "and we should target the poorest professionals in quotes without any warranty.

"We do not want this to anyone, let alone the poorest of us." "We want full pay and the right to raise this family.

According to the presidency, the way in which Cuban doctors contracted was "a practical situation of slavery" because, according to Bolsonaro, the Cuban government is preventing a family from doctors from connecting them during the period of the they are in Brazil

"Let's talk about human rights? Who would have thought that? [dirigindo-se a uma jornalista] be a mum. Did you imagine staying away from your children for a year? This is the practice situation of slavery that has doctors and Cuban doctors in Brazil. Did you imagine seizure of 70% of your salary by the woman? ", The presiding officer was criticized.

At the interview, Bolsonaro once again, after taking office as president, will give a Cuban refuge that he asks for.

For the president-elect, the "dictatorship" set in Cuban justifies putting a refuge to health professionals in Brazil.

"Four years ago, when the provisional bill was discussed, [que criou o Mais Médicos], Madame Dilma's government said that any Cuban who applied for asylum would be deported. If I'm a president, the Cuban seeking an asylum justifies, in my opinion, the dictator on the island, he will have a shelter for me, "he said.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health said that the choice of Brazilian doctors will fill vacancies that will be left by the Cube's doctors of the program More doctors take place in November.

According to the Ministry of Health, the creation of a public notice to replace Cuban doctors will be completed this Friday, during a meeting with the Pan American American Health Organization (PAHO).

The Secretary of State of the Municipal Council (Howems) said a Cuban embassy warning that the country's doctors will leave Brazil by the end of the year.

According to the National Confederation of Business (CNM), Cubans will leave Mass Médicos affecting 28 million people.

Under the rules of Mass Doctors, Brazil and overseas doctors who have trained in Brazil have priority to join the program. Then doctors have trained outside of Brazil who have revalidated their diploma in the country, with the name called the exam called Revalida.

Subsequently, it's called foreign-trained Brazilian doctors who did not perform Revalida. Then, the rule envisages that foreign-trained foreign doctors will be invited abroad and without any diploma revalidated in Brazil.

Only after all the things that the Brazilian government offered vacancies for Cuban doctors.

Cuba sends professionals to Brazil since 2013. In Mass Medical, just over half of the professionals came – 8,47,000 more than 16 thousand professionals – from Cuba, according to data obtained by the G1.

In 2013, according to the federal government, only 11% of vacancies offered in the first call were filled by Brazilian doctors.


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