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In São Paulo, workers and students flock the Avenida Paulista against Bolsonaro


From the News Room – t Yesterday (15), over a million people went to the streets in Brazil against the education cuts imposed by the illegal Bolsonaro government. The largest law was in the city of São Paulo, where thousands of Avenida Paulista marched to ALESP headquarters in the vicinity of Paraíso.

The act was enormous and the significant presence of red flags represented the popular movements and left parties. This fact shows that the right wing and the reactive attempt by the small-bourgeois left to turn their act "our party" is not unsuccessful.

As well as the huge presence of teachers and students from schools and universities across the state, there were also workers from other categories. As well as them, popular movements such as the MST and MTST were also thickening the crowd that was on the streets of Sao Paulo against the corner government.

It was possible to hear slogans against the attacks on education and against stealing social security, but many also shouted at the whole government. The slogans such as "Outside Bolsonaro" and "Freedom for Lula" or "Free Lula" were shouted by most of those present. So it was an important step in the fight against the sport.

We must continue to move and call for more deeds, demonstrations and strikes until the Bolsonaro government is felled, the sport will certainly be defeated and we can ask for Lula's freedom and general elections with her participation.

Look below for pictures and the display in São Paulo:

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