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In evidence, Lula refuses to own a place in Atibaia – News


Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva today (14), in evidence to the Federal Court in Curitiba, for information about the reforms held at Santa Bárbara's Site, at Atibaia (SP). He also denied to be the owner of the property.

Lula: "I do not think Dona Marisa has asked for revisions on the site"

Judge asked Gabriela Hardt the Lula in the criminal proceedings where he and 12 other defendants respond to legal proceedings, including the business of Marcelo and Emílio Odebrecht and Léo Pinheiro from the OAS and José Reidwraig Carlos Bumlai. The allegations are pollution offenses and money laundering.

The website was subject to investigations by Operation Lava Jato, which investigates doubts that site improvements have been paid by pollution investigators, such as OAS and Odebrecht.

And we'll have a problem, warning the judge about the Lula tone

At the interview, Lula confirmed that he was beginning to attend the property in early 2011, when he left the Republic's Presidency.

However, the reforms already carried out and Lula said that he was unaware of them because he was not the owner of the property.


The old president also denied that he had dealt with the issue with Emilio Odebrecht. "When I arrived at the first site, he did not have any renovation, the site was just," he said.

At the beginning of the hearing, the judge asked Lula if he was aware of the allegations against him, a procedural party made to all accused. He replied that he did not know and wanted to know the content of the indictment.

"I would like to ask, if you could explain it to me, what is the charge?" "I can answer any question and all, do I own the site or not?" holi

Then answered Gabriela Hardt. "This is what I have to answer and not I. I am not currently being questioned. This is a question, and if you start with this tone with me, we will have trouble."

During the deposition, the vice president once again stated that the allegations against him were "bargain."

"The first case I suffered, which bargain, lies at the Office of Public Prosecutor, with Power Point, the second is another bargain, I pay that price. Justice, and one day the It really happens what's happening, "he said.


According to the researchers, the reforms after the purchase of the property began by businesses Fernando Bittar and Jonas Suassuna, Lula's friends, when "the first architectural drawings were elaborated to meet the needs of the family of the ex-president."

In the report prepared by the Federal Police in 2016, experts identify the work done, including a valued kitchen at R $ 252,000. It is estimated that a value of approximately R $ 1.7 million has been spent, adding the purchase of the site (R $ 1.1 million) and the amendment (R $ 544,800).

Yes The first time Lula leaves the police of the Federal Police (PF) in Curitiba after being arrested for the conviction in another case, which deals with the triplex apartment in Guarujá (SP). Since April 7, Lula has been serving a prison sentence of 12 years and a month, set by the Federal District Court of the 4th Division (TRF4), for passive pollution offenses and money laundering.

Defend the vice president

In a statement, the defense of the ex-president said that Lula's evidence showed the arbitration of the charge. This is because, although a Federal Public Prosecutor states that specific Petrobras contracts would have created benefits to Lula, there was no question in this regard: "The situation confirms that the reference to such things Petrobras in the complaint was an incredible excuse created by Lava Jato to introduce Lula to arbitrary cases before the Curitiba Federal Court. "

The defense also reaffirms that ownership of the Santa Barbara site, "which belongs true and right to the Bittar family, as it is documented in the file."

"The evidence given by former Lula President also reinforces his lack of imprisonment without committing any offense and for his judicial persecution for political incentive incorporated into a number of offensive and unreasonable charges to someone who delegated only for the benefit of the country, "ends the note signed by lawyer Cristian Zanin Martins.

The Judge sees Lula alarming MPF during evidence

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