Tuesday , May 24 2022

Ibovespa closed 0.69% – Diario del Grande ABC


Without big internal drivers on Monday, 19, investors have chosen a hedgerow and make a profit in the pre-holiday session on Tuesday, when markets are stopped in São Paulo. As well as highlighting New York's bad moods, the set of stocks that formed the theoretical portfolio was made to the top of the first trading session of the week predominantly falling. The Ibovespa returned to the level of 87,000 points, but it was still possible to hold earnings of more than 4% in the accumulated 30 days.

Ultimately, the Ibovespa slowed the downturn to a 0.69% reduction at 87,900.03 points. The total money was R $ 11.3 billion, after adding using stock options contracts that moved R $ 6.490 billion – slightly higher than October maturity (R $ 6.1 billion).

According to Pedro Lima, an economist in Toro Investimentos, chairman of the Federal Reserve of New York, chairman of John Williams, in a framework of strengthening the US economy, says that the film is moving to maintain a gradual increase in interest rates and recovery rates. The indexes of the United States that have been echoed here, mainly due to the day of low liquidity and adaptations due to highlights and last week.

The news around Petrobras won prominence in the discussions. Starting with the announcement of future president Roberto Castello Branco. The Brazilian state oil company shares fell sharply after an auction that lasted almost 20 minutes and then turned to a positive sign of approval from market players. In the morning morning session, the ordinary shares have already returned to touch the negative ground, which influenced the collapse of oil in the international market.

Presiding Officer Jair Bolsonaro also said in the afternoon that some Petrobras could be privatized. At the end of the trading session, without the strongest presence of foreign investors, the bonds closed ON 0.07% and the PN increased by 0.78%.

The Vale was another blue flip that was acting against positive factors. Filho, from A Investimentos, remembers that the miners' actions were "very challenging" and, as some of their foreign counterparts, he reflected the uncertainty with Trump and China reflections. The shareholders' miners closed the session down 1.39%, although its raw material, iron ore, rose by 1% at the Qingdao port of China.

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