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Huawei, Motorola and more! Find out which smart phones are possible to publish in MWC 2019

The smartphone market is winning a new category this year with the advent of the first folding shelves. After Samsung officially introduced its first mobile phonetic Galaxy folder, other companies will also take advantage of the many people, journalists and supporters as one of the world's largest technology fairs, MWC, to present your main competitors for this category of bending!

It's worth remembering that this is a list based on the two companies that are have already confirmed the launch for the Mobile World Congress as well as those who have not yet stated that they intend to advertise the product and so it's just rumors.


Royole was the first company in the world to introduce smartphone and fold flexible FlexPai flex in two parts. Despite having a "face" prototype, the history that is done starts with the courage to submit and market to end users who want to taste the product and feel & # 39; It's up to the smart phone that is possible.

In a Twitter post, Royole has already confirmed that he will be exhibiting the FlexPai during the Mobile World Congress between February 25 and 28 at the fair for everyone who wants to test the product quickly.


As we said at the beginning of the story, Samsung Galaxy Fold introduced its first mobile smartphone this week, and it's very impossible for the maker to stay out of the Mobile World Congress and allow some channels, websites and journalists try for seconds. A device that, like the FlexPai, reaches with two parts, but with an internal foldable screen an external place.

It has the double-in-screen internal screen device within 7.3 inches and another 4.5 inch fixed external screen, offering two devices in one: both tablets and smart phone. With powerful hardware, six full body and design cameras have finished better than FlexPai, the handout will be sold later this year at a surprise price $ 1,980 (The~ R $ 7,420).


After confirming the fact that his first mobile mobile phone arrives for this Sunday (24), Huawei will also be exhibiting during the Mobile World Congress which is the main Galaxy Fold competitor.

The big Chinese – expected to perform better than Samsung this year and become the world's smartest smartphone – is to offer and external flexible screen (unlike the internal Galaxy Light) in two different ways: the smart phone and the tablet.

When it is closed, the device can display content on one side only at a time and allow the user to capture photos with the three main gaming of the product or turn the screen and collect one-to-one self-control three chambers of the product. If you want a larger display, just complete the device and start using it as a tablet.

There are still no specific details about the size, dimensions and Mate X screen, but it will not be long until we first see Huawei's first mobile phones, and have a fast surprise hardware, support for 5G networks, and price affordable.


LG has confirmed that its social networks are busy revealing its smartphone's smartphone per year, LG V50 ThinQ, with disclosed transport internal secondary screen and also confirms the advent of the device with support for 5G connectivity. However, the V50 It will not bend.

Rather than just using a flexible OLED screen, what LG should bet on is a style cover bend that its internal part can be used as a secondary screen. This will give your smartphone very close to ZTE Axon M of the Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X, for example, not to dedicate the device as a smartphone.


Now moving on to the rumors. Motorola has not confirmed whether it is intended to issue a new mobile phone at the largest technology fair of the year, but with collections being filed and leading companies that already present their most powerful models, it is expected that the company takes the first steps towards not leaving behind, and the offer that Motorola must offer Perhaps this is the best among all the competitors.

More than a year ago the company was already talking about the resurgence of the Razr line of smartphones, and with recent patents detailing a new device with retro design and foldable internal towel, the possibility is becoming even greater than a new Razr V3 is introduced to the market almost 15 years after its official announcement.

Based on registered patents, what you see above is concept of those that are supposed to be Razr 2019, which would come fully with design based on Razr V3 of 2005, but with latest technologies that have been adapted for the future such as the blinking internal screen, high performance processor and external screen fixed for quick access to notices.

There is no guarantee that Motorola will present the product officially, but it would be very interesting to see it on the market as the main competitor to existing devices.


Although he has already confirmed the existence of a smartphone with three parts, Xiaomi did not reveal whether he intends to officially announce his smartphone folding phone during the company's conference on February 24, when the Chinese fan hosted an MWC 2019 event to announce the new models of the Mi 9 line around the world and disclose prices for the European market.

Rumors show that the Chinese maker would bet on the high performance market by offering a Snapdragon 855 processor and included in the Mi Mix line of high performance and great innovations.

As mentioned above, the Xiaomi event is scheduled to take place in the Congress of the Mobile World on Sunday, February 24th, so a newcomer may not be so far imagined .


In November 2018, Oppo's working group had already indicated that he was aware that Samsung a i sony Works on foldable mobile phones, revealing that a Chinese maker may present its own bending device during the Mobile World Congress.

In the meantime, the event held by the company on Saturday (23) did not provide a place for the development of collapse and retention market focusing for smartphones 5G and powerful zooming camera 10x only without the maker lost.

Now we have to wait and see if Oppo has to show it bend during the next fierce days or if it should not be introduced in the coming months that may have a high performance processor and a 5G connectivity.


Nubia's subsidiary ZTE has already confirmed that it intends to announce its smart phone folding Alpha during MWC 2019, however, the device's format will be much less conventional than we are familiar with. Instead of introducing a smartphone in a bar format, the company can bet on a device in a bracelet format, so you can see the concept below and the concept imagined by fans.

There are no large releases or concrete information about Nubia Alpha, but rumors may come in the next hours, so keep an eye on TodoCelular to find out what ZTE plans for the smartphone market in 2019!

More news in the coming months

Although there are rumors that Sony and dozens of other makers work on foldable smartphones with flexible screens, all companies should not use the Mobile World Congress to present their products officially. Therefore, there are no strong signs that Sony will be present in the first quarter of 2019 as a direct competitor of Galaxy Fold and Mate X.

Producers should also take advantage of the next few months to release temperatures, images and videos of their official products, although the start is only just 2019. of the first generation of smart phones fold!

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