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Hope São Paulo in Serie B, Ponte Preta is preparing for the game of the year & # 39;


Blackbridge has not yet been round in the Brazil B4 Championship Series, but this could change from Tuesday here. Only a triumph over Coritiba incredible, at the Moses Lucarelli stadium. "Game of the Year", as defined by the Gilson Kleina coach, opens half round the season round.

Prior to arriving at Kleina, the Campinas team had a chance of 1% access and was worried about a secondhold. Everything was changed in just over a month. The recovery campaign started in a 1-0 win over the CRB in Campinas. After that, under the instructor's order, there were six other games, with five victories and only one draw, against Fortaleza champion, away from home from 1 to 1.

Gilson Kleina, Ponte Preta trainer

Gilson Kleina, Ponte Preta trainer

Picture: Divulgação / Ponte Preta / Estadão Content

The use of 90.47% since the change in the technical commission was given Macaca at the G4 home, in the fifth place, with 56 points. The victory over Coritiba would allow the team to sleep in the sub-leadership and secure the first round until the final against the Avaí in Florianópolis (SC). That's because, on the next Saturday, Santa Catarina (4th, with 57) faces the CSA (2nd, with 58), in Maceió (AL).

Not dependent on other results in the last round, Ponte expects a full house account on Tuesday. The game starts at 9:30 p.m. The fans bought the idea of ​​the players and the organization at the box office quite intense the day before. The expectation is that at least ten thousand people attend the stadium. Promotional tickets, for fans with the club's shirt, only cost R $ 10.

With regard to the team, Gilson Kleina did not give any clues. The training closed this Monday to the press and the trainer still waits for the medical department to define the initial training. The midfielder of Paulinho, midfielder Matheus Vargas and striker Roberto have suspicions. The good news is the return of the captain and center João Vitor, who completed an automatic restraint in the Juventude victory, by 1-0. Meanwhile, Tiago Real's midfielder is coming out because he has received the third yellow.

"I see in the chamber that they are being removed, the balance will be crucial, it's an extremely important game for the excuses of the organization, the technical commission, the players, this is the game of the said the team is being removed from the room room very strongly, "said the alvinegro coach.

The probable bridge for this decision is: Ivan; Ruan, Renan Fonseca, Reginaldo a Danilo & Barcelos; João Vitor, Lucas Mineiro and Matheus Vargas (Murilo); Hyuri (Victor Rangel), André Luis a Júnior Santos.

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