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Heavy rain is isolating cities in Greater São Paulo and flooding the Dublin Hotels


The heavy rainfall that began on Sunday (10) and Monday (11) extends flooding in several regions of Greater São Paulo and blocking access roads to the São Paulo capital. The prospects for more daytime rainfall.

He left the house collapse at Ribeirão Pires, ABC Paulista, two people died and two were buried, the Fire Department said. It was heavily raining in the area at the time of the event. In São Rafael, the Eastern Zone of the capital, hit the landslide of a house. One child in hospital was in a critical condition.

In the southeast part of the capital, Sacomã, cars were driven by water and other vehicles were left in the flood, enforcing their residents to remain in the house of the vehicles.

Dinas São Paulo Emergency Management Center (CGE) reported that there were 12 incredible points in the city (see the list of points at the end of this note). Train circulation on the 10-Turquoise CPTM line is interrupted, without normalization expected.

The Tietê Marginal is in a condition of warning for a flood, high risk in the Dutra, Piqueri and Limão bridges, according to the CGE.

Rain causes flooding and congestion in SP routes - Photo: Reproduction / Globo TVRain causes flooding and congestion in SP routes - Photo: Reproduction / Globo TV

Rain causes flooding and congestion in SP routes – Photo: Reproduction / Globo TV

The departures to the capital of Diadema, Santo André, São Bernardo do Campo and São Caetano do Sul are separated by flooding. A selection of Via Anchieta, the main link between ABC Paulista and São Paulo, also includes the disabled cars at the time of Uniban.

Civil Defense and firefighters used boats to save people stretching on bus stops at ABC Paulista.

Mayor of São Bernardo do Campo, Orlando Morando (PSDB) released a video about 10 pm asking residents not to go through the most affected areas.

Firefighters said Sunday had 302 calls for flooding, 121 for felling and 23 for landslides or landslides, in stages that focus on ABC and capital.

According to the São Paulo City Hall Crisis Management Center, about 10 hours on Sunday the flood of the River Mooca and the River Tamanduatei on Avenida do Estado.

São Paulo incredible points:

North Zone: Tietê perylol, Pont y Lemon and Pont y Tŷ Gwyrdd region; Av. Otaviano Alves de Lima; Av. Zaki Narchi.

Center: Avenida do Estado a Rua Tibirica.

Western Zone: Avenida das Nações Unidas, at the height of Pont Jaguaré and Florida Street; The Peripheral Tieté Entrance, the height of the Point Attílio Fontana and also the Hungarian Community of the Bridge region; President Avenida Castelo Branco, in the center of Ponte da Casa Verde; Peripheral pinheiros, in the Jaguaré Bridge region; Billings Engineer Avenue (Butantã), region of Jaguaré Bridge; Av. President Castello Branco, Pont y Pont Parish; and Enc. Ambassador Macedo Soares, also at the height of O. Parish bridge.

East Zone: Two points on Avenida Paes de Barros.

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