Thursday , January 20 2022

Grazi Massafera will be a guest Lady & # 39; gan Tatá Werneck


The third season of the Lady Night program, led by Tatá Werneck, is premiere this Monday, 12, at 10.30, in the Multishow.

Among the guests who are attracted by the attraction, Grazi Massafera agreed to face the tough presenter's tests. The actor will be on the program on November 20, and will be taking part in My Pictures, My Rules, where Tatá suggests incredible ways of giving an unconventional interview, such as holding the upper lip or sputtering out of & # 39 ; r geg.

You'll also be excused, Just Want to Kiss You, where Tatá does everything to win a guest label that, at the end of the show, is still singing and dancing with the presenter.

In a total of 25 episodes, the program will have names such as Armandinho, Ed Motta, Felipe Dylon and Sylvinho Blau-Blau.

The general reference is Lilian Amarante, with the Forest production.

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