Monday , January 25 2021

Google Maps are going to show radars – Jornal do Carro

Google Maps has a new role in Brazil. It is now possible to find speed radars in the user's path.

The service already available on Waze's "brother", which is also related to Google, is controversial. On the one hand, it can help to avoid speeding tickets for trapped drivers that did not intend to push the limits.


On the other hand, the Google Maps service can also encourage drivers to accelerate beyond the limits set by law.

The feature is available for Apple Car's Auto Play Android systems. It can also be used in every city in Brazil.

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Radar on Google Maps

The radar shown on the Google Maps map has been installed. There are some in the orange color, which is the furniture.

As well as beep when the driver is approaching the radar, Google Maps will allow the radar to be displayed on the screen when the vehicle driver extends the map.

The highest speed specified on the track is not offered in Brazil. In other countries, it is available.

The information comes from the Autoesporte magazine. According to the announcement, other features are being developed for Google Maps.

The driver can interact with the system. For example, by touching the radar on the map, it can tell Google if it's really in place or not.

The system will also warn you about the presence of work on a path, as it already happens with Waze.

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