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Globe stars singing Bon Jovi, Kiss and Urbana's Legio on TV


By Igor Miranda, The Source: Gshow
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This edition of the TV Globo "PopStar" program was noted not only by the competition for seats for the final musical attraction, but also by performing some rock songs from the participants. Renata Capucci journalist and actors Mouhamed Harfouch and Srgio Guiz presented songs of the style to convince jurors and the public.

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In one of his performances, Renata Capucci "Livin" On A Prayer, "sang Bon Jovi. J Mouhamed Harfouch made a verse of "Rock And Roll All Nite", classic Kiss. On the other hand, Srgio Guiz "Gerao Coca-Cola", the Electricity Abortion and notable by the Urban Legion performed.

The three places to the final of the "PopStar" were played with Jeniffer Nascimento, Joo Crtes and Malu Rodrigues – the last one, who had already been circulated since the previous episode. The program will be completed next Sunday (18). Below are the stone shows by Renata Capucci, Mouhamed Harfouch and Srgio Guiz.

Renata Capucci – "Livin's Prayer" (Bon Jovi):

https: //gshow.globo.com/realities/popstar/2018/episodio/2018 …

Mouhamed Harfouch – "Rock And Roll All Nite" (Kiss):

https: //gshow.globo.com/realities/popstar/2018/episodio/2018 …

Srgio Guiz – "Gerao Coca-Cola" (Extinct Abortion / Urban Legion):

https: //gshow.globo.com/realities/popstar/2018/episodio/2018 …

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