Wednesday , September 28 2022

four doctors are identified for homicide


The Civil Police said doctors Ana Paula Noronha, Maria de Fátima Bartholo, Hector Fabian Bernal and Roxana Mamani, State Hospital Getúlio Vargas and Penha's Emergency Care Unit, for guilty murder, for the death of Irene de Jesus Bento, 54 year old. He died on July 28, seven hours after he was released by Getúlio Vargas, who sent the UPA and returned to hospital.

The case became known because Irene's son, Rangel Marques, had gone to the hospital's emergency room to ask for a mum's help and to record one of the doctors using her cell phone at work. The police came to the conclusion that the death of Irene had happened due to human and non-structural failure, as indicated by "Fantastic" TV Globo on Tuesday. According to the investigation, the error with the doctor Ana Paula – caught in the images – who should have provided care for Irene, but argued with Rangel and left his job.

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With the departure of Ana Paula, Maria de Fátima was present in the patient. Irene had been appraised by a nurse and her health condition was so severely distributed. Ignore the signals, Maria de Fatima referred to the patient to the good UPA of Penha, near the hospital. Hector then attended and sat exams. As her health condition worsened, she was neglected.

Hours later, Roxana took over the case, enforcing more seditors. According to a report by the Medical Legal Foundation, the combined use of these medicines is a possibility that can not be eliminated as a factor that causes Irene's death.

After the patient was arrested respiratory, her son was asked if she would take responsibility for transferring the mother to Getúlio Vargas, because in the UPA it would not be possible hide it Already in hospital, another doctor attended properly, but he died.

In a statement, the State Health Department stated that he decided to immediately remove the professionals involved in the case and dismiss the teams thereafter. The Regional Council of Medicine opened Rio's investigation, but did not lock.

The Fantastic team, Ana Paula, did not want Maria de Fátima, since Roxana and Hectorpediram had sought their solicitors. The staff did not have any feedback from them.

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