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Ex-PSG reveals 'obsession'; from Real Madrid by M Madppé and opening the game on relationship with Neymar


In August 2017, Paris Saint-Germain made one of the most expensive transfers in football history by investing around 180 million euros ($ 675 million in season price) when hiring Kylian Mbappé, then 17 years of age and player t Monaco. However, the strikers were not entirely so, and according to Paris coach Unai Emery, he wanted to go to Real Madrid at no cost.

"At that time, we all had the strength to bring him. I spoke to him and his father, as he had already made it clear that he wanted to choose Real Madrid. There was even the option of Barcelona t But the current Arsenal trainer, in an interview with the Cadena Server, said: "It was a French project, although the PSG also had economic benefits," said the current Arsenal trainer. , from Spain.

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Almost two years later, Mbappé changed the status of one of the world's greatest football exposures to one of the greatest stars of the sport. A total of 59 goals have been scored by PSG in 86 games played, becoming the best French and three times national champion (if the 2017 title was added, with Monaco). In short, the boy still won the 2018 World Cup in Russia with France's choice.

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Unai Emery only worked with Mbappé during one season, leaving the Parc y Tywysogion team in June 2018. One reason for leaving Spanish was the relationship worn with Neymar. However, the trainer does not fail to praise the Brazilian and, in answering which of the two stars they would choose for his team, he chose to stay on top the wall.

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"Half each. Yours sincerely, Neymar is amazing, he has amazing qualities …" he said. "Neymar is in a minute of individual achievement. Mbappé is in a moment of development, we can break many obstacles and we do that. Neymar is currently breaking up with the When he was in PSG, he was the one who had more ability to change the course of a game alone. "

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