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Everyone's war against the Bolsonaro Government | Brazil


Jair Bolsonaro Government has entered a spiral of internal attacks. In the last two weeks, there is a kind of everyone against everyone. Supporters criticized ministers, complainants allies from consultants, deputies reduced member performance of the Ministérios Esplanada dose. A senator who has been elected in the presidential pesona non grata at Planalto Palace, the PSL leader complains about the pension reform, numbers 2 and 3 of relevant folders fall out of office or boycotted, and finally the Bolsonarism ideologian, author Olavo de Carvalho, looks at his "speech machine gun" to several sides and the confusion has already made several casualties in the Ministry of Education. This Monday, who asked to leave, was Basic Education secretary,Tania Leme de Almeida. Hardly anyone is left out of the sounds. And the managers haven't yet completed three months.

The epicenter of everything, however, follows in Congress, where the public conflict is played by the two heads of power, Bolsonaro and the mayor, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ). There, the Bolsonarism has not yet proved that he can do a Government walk. Maia, who is in a strategic position to order the agenda in the legislature, spoke at the weekend that the Executive was "desert ideas", showing that it gave Previdência the best call, expressed by the President, stating. it should leave Twitter. Bolsonaro doubled the bet. He said he did not understand the reason for attacking him, he said that the reform was the responsibility of the National Congress, and he said again that he would not give way to the "old politics", which he defined as exchanges of improvements and jobs commissioned by votes.

What has made these attacks even more pronounced is social networks, the main channel of government communication since the election campaign. Despite Maia bricks, the president doesn't seem at all ready to step down from this platform. To the contrary. Already ordered political anger the week, when it was sent by the Planalto spokesman, t Otávio Santana makes Rêgo Barros, a message. The order, says Rêgo Barros in the second, is that the Ministry of Defense was making on 31 March for the "commemorations due" to 55 years of the military coup in 1964, which initiated the dictatorship that killed and tortured political opponents and minorities and direct election veto for president.

The president of the military period is clearly elevated somewhat unlikely since the re-democracy, but it is not surprising to come from Bolsonaro, quoting as a hero recognized by a Justice as a witness in the system. Anyway, making this a government act improves the political polarization climate that keeps many of its followers active: "The people who want Bolsonaro away from social networks know that this is what t his connection with the people, as he has no media for his party, "Carlos Bolsonaro, adviser and influence of his father's digital life, wrote." "This is what warranted his election, including, in other words, his weakness and without popular support because he could blackmail him," he said.

Also, through the social networks the other wings of the bolsonarismo dispute are spotlights. On Twitter, he criticized the Congressional Congressional conductor, Joice Hasselmann (PSL-SP), colleague, Kim Kataguiri (DEM-SP), leader of the right wing Movimento Brazil Livre and a supporter to reform the pension. Kim called on the PSL deputies of incompatible. Joice said Kim was opportunistic. She replied that she had changed the side between the election and chose Maia to preside over the House. He continues to spur him by quoting Carlos Bolsonaro, the president's son and tweet in Rio de Janeiro: "Do you want to follow the Carluxo and sink the Government on Twitter too?" Joice fell on the turmoil and responded by calling Kim, one of the youngest deputies, a child and an airport airport. "Take the pacifier and go to sleep, baby. Let the adults work."

"The networks have helped a lot in the election, but, in the way they are used, only in the way they are used. There is a lack of counselors around the president to say that PSL leader, Deputy Deputy Waldir, said it was time to manage. One of the dissatisfied members of the reform party, saying that distinguishing between the new parliamentarians and the old people is "political bullying" and accuses all the allies feeling they are honored by the president. "The deputy, the senator, wants to feel part of the Government".

On this process of exchanging support positions, a representative complained of the "new policy", the Kicis Food Congress (PSL-DF), deputy leader of the Government in Congress. "People have to understand that we are currently living. This exchange was already exchanged." In defending Bolsonaro, he says he has done everything he needed to do. "He has been in the House twice to introduce the reforms, sending technicians to discuss the issue and explaining everything that needs to be clarified. Now our responsibility, the deputies."

Lack of counselors around the president to say that the time is governance

Waldir Representative (PSL-GO)

He was also in social networks that pressure fans, such as Evangelical minister Silas Malafaia, leader of the Assembly of God, complained about Olavo de Carvalho. For at least a week the two have been talking about the influence each had on electing Bolsonaro and on the course he should give to his managers.

Still in the virtual universe, the federal deputy Alexandre Frozen (PSL-SP) complained that he had entered the list of people who did not like the Executive seat, just because he has defended that the first president, Senator Flávio Bolsonaro (PSL -RJ), to resign against police / judicial investigations that weighed against him. The Fleet continued to target Carvalho and his pupil, Filipe Martins' international presidential aide. The author was nicknamed "a hermit of Virginia," the American state where she lived, while the counselor was nicknamed "Joseph's laurel."

Carvalho, who has appointed two ministers to Bolsonaro and a handful of alumni, has already complained about the vice-president, General Hamilton Mourão, and other members of the first rank, especially the army. Xingou Mourão of "idiot" and "stupid". He said that Armed Forces representatives had mental thinking and were "a bunch of shouting". The last to rebuff was the ideologist and prime minister of the Government Secretariat, Carlos Alberto Santos Cruz. In an interview with the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo He said it was unbalanced. "For his final media posts, with a language translation, with infrequent proficiency, the imbalance is evident."

The game in Congress and diesel

Everyone's war against everyone can paralyze sectors of the machine, like the Ministry of Education itself. But the main game, which focuses attention on the investors and big businessmen who supported the bolsonarismo, is the reform of the Welfare. On Tuesday afternoon, the Economy Minister, Paulo Guedes, will be in the Chamber Constitution and Justice Committee to improve parliamentarians' reservations. The minister's first meeting with congressors is that he must convince him to support changes in civil and military pensions – the latter more controversial, about choking with changes that benefit the career. Today, according to the accounts of analysts and several deputies, the government would have less than a third of the 308 votes needed to approve the amendment at the full meeting of the House.

Guedes' journey to the Chamber will be a thermometer to know what Bolsonaro's hopes endorse in his first semester, as a clam. Meanwhile, there are signs that care is also inspired outside of Brasilia. The price of diesel has risen again and, with the end of the subsidy program created after the truck strike in 2018, the high is already starting to disrupt the category. "With regard to possible strike drivers of the truck, our president has been following the difficulties that this class has been suffering over the years and has been available to develop the solutions," he said t The spokesperson said.

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